City of Saints Whole Bean Coffee, 3 Pack Sampler

City of Saints Whole Bean Coffee, 3 Pack Sampler

Is this 3- 12 Oz. bags, or 12 Oz total? Sampler packs I’m thinking there are 3 - 4 Oz. Packages for 12 Oz. Total?
What’s the deal woot. It’s very unclear.
The product photos show 16 Oz bags.

The last time I bought this it was three 12 oz bags for a total of 36 oz.

I bought the light roast sampler. Gifted the 1320 and drank the Qanil. Was not a fan. Would not buy again. Have not tried the But my fault for buying lighter roasts. I prefer dark roasts. That’s what I get for being adventurous, trying something new and trying to expand my horizons. Silly me.

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Says 16oz on pic of Citizen coffee, 12 Oz for all the rest (bottom left of each pic)

Hi there.

You will receive three 11.4 ounce bags.

Hey all,
Joe from City of Saints here. Feel free to ask any questions. The 3 pack will consist of 3 325g bags (11.4 oz) of either the medium-light and light roast coffee, or the medium-dark and dark roast coffee.

I’m wondering about the roast dates on these? Have these been sitting around for a while, or are they freshly roasted?

Hi there. They’re roasted to order as noted on the specs page. :smiley:

I thought this referred only to the roast level, not the date.

We literally get your orders then roast and ship. So the only delay is the ups transit time. It might actually be too fresh if you are using it for espresso or aeropress.

Thank you! I placed my order, excited to try it out.

I don’t use aero press, but my wife does. I’m getting the medium/dark blend. How long do you suggest to wait? Or should I just keep it all for myself?


Yeah, was wondering the same. Info page says “harvested 2019-2020”.
Does this make them old. I don’t really know how the coffee process works, from harvesting to roasting, then to market. Didn’t think it was years???

Generally speaking, I find peak flavor to be 10-14 days after roasting.

Nah, coffee can stay in green state for a long, long time. Once it’s roasted, the clock starts ticking.

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Is that for pour over? Aero press? Both? I ask cause the rep said the coffee might be too fresh for aero press.

I’m not an expert, but I would expect it to be ready after 7 days or so. This is because those brew methods are pressure-based, and when a coffee is extremely fresh, it “blooms” when it comes in contact with hot water, releasing gases. So that may interfere with proper pressure when brewing. Personally, I’ve never had an issue but the roaster probably knows best.

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Hey all, this coffee is from the 2020-2021 harvest season. The copy for the listing all came from our previous outings here. It’s fresh, I swear. And other than the Brazil we use, it all comes in GrainPro or EcoTact bags to keep the water activity and moisture of the beans where we like it.
As for the age after roast before using it… for espresso or aeropress, about 7 days is good, for drip or pour-over, 3 days is fine. What you are doing is allowing the carbon dioxide created during the roasting process (all those cells breaking down and sugars being caramelized) to diffuse out of the beans. Two things happen with CO2 in fresh coffee; one, it explosively comes out instead of letting water come in (it’s fun to make coffee volcanos in french press pots) and the shorter the brew method the more that impacts the final product; two, it dissolves into the water creating carbonic acid, changing the pH and buffering the tasty organic acids in the coffee, adversely affecting the flavor. Another work around for too fresh coffee is to grind it and let it sit out for a bit, but that is a delicate balance. Just try a shot of espresso that’s been sitting ground for 10 min vs a fresh ground shot and you’ll see what I mean. Oxidation happens fast, and more surface means more oxygen, but also faster CO2 out-gassing.


Thanks for the info! Helpful stuff.