Class Cotton Weighted Blanket or Cover

Class Cotton Weighted Blanket or Cover

Have anyone of you found better deal than this.

Wow, another weighted blanket…I’d buy one but I am running out of bodies to wrap, plus the lake is about to freeze over.


Why are there 2 identical Twin size options (same dimensions)?
Is one supposed to be Kid Twin and the other Adult Twin?

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Probably a hidden space. I fixed it. Only one twin size now. :slight_smile:

I like to think the weighted parts of the weighted blanket are rusty nuts and bolts, or ground up unredeemed Letter BOCs from back in the day.

I am pretty certain Blackish adn Agent of Shield DVDsdo not grind up to be much weight for their size.

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Do bones float?

Asking for a friend.


Part of body which bone is from?

What kind of liquid are you putting the bone into?

Method of deposit?

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Uh huh.
Good to know.

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How much does this weigh?

Hi there. 15 lbs. It’s in the size drop down.

Wish we could get a 12 lb blanket, please!

Cut a few pieces off of this one and you’ll have one