Clean, Lean, & Peachy Keen

The NV360 is $159 new on amazon

Hoover UH72600RM WindTunnel® 3 HP Bagless Upright Red

A leading consumer magazine (initials CR) rated this vacuum cleaner a 43 out of 100, close to the bottom of tested models. It was rated very good at cleaning carpets and excellent at cleaning hardwood floors. However, it was rated fair for noise and poor for emissions.

Someday, Woot, for those of us who purchased the Rug Doctor from you quite a while back, would you please sell the attachments kit? I would love to be able to use it for stairs and upholstery. Thanks. That is all.

Sent an email to the team, just to be sure they saw it. :slight_smile:

I agree, wish they would offer to us. But this Rug Doctor cleaner is the best thing I have ever used. Tried all the others, and this one actually works. I highly recommend it.

I’ve had the Rowenta for over a year and for small apartments (under 700sf) its all the floor vacuum you need. The battery life is still great a year out as well.

I bought this the las time it was offered and I have a different experience. I would say it is ONLY good on hard surfaces. If you have carpet you will be unsatisfied with the cleaning ability of this light weight machine.

I was looking for a cordless, light weight, machine that would be good on carpet and hard wood. I did not want to spend the money on Dyson. The stairs were especially difficult for me with a regular heavy machine (central runner, exposed hardwood on sides). This machine is a big disappointment. I do not recommend it.

I just received my HOOVER UH74250RM Hoover Air Pro Bagless Upright Silver. First off the model number is incorrect it should of been

Hoover Air™ Pro Bagless Upright UH72450

My second and final issue is that I did not get any of the attachments, and by none I mean that I did not get ANY items. No handle/extension wand, or any of the add ons. So far I have a handle less vacuum that I cannot use lol.

The RM at the end of the model number probably means “Remanufactured”.

The larger issue on the missing items… I would contact Hoover first. They carry the warranty are likely to have the parts. We will only be able to do a return/refund.

If Hoover won’t help you, then please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

I am correct about the model number.


As to the parts issue, I guess I will go through them.

Got a refurb shark rocket a while back for a bit more on Groupon. It does seem to do a good job - particularly the large brushroll since I have problems with hair that sticks in carpets. I do wish the attachments are cheaper since I also want the small brushroll for stairs. It may be cheaper get a stair vac than the small brush separately.
My other main complaint is that it has a high pitched whine at the high level (the normal level is noisy but not as whiny). Not sure if this is part of the refurb or if this is normal.