Clique HUE HD Webcam

Yeah, he’s making a difference there. He probably stands in front of the mirror for hours chanting, “The change I want in the world has to start with me.” Or maybe, “I’m smart enough, I’m good enough, and gosh darn it, people like me. And my bike.”

You deserve a bucket of coconuts for that! thanks buddy

You deserve a bucket of coconuts for that! thanks buddy

Bacon and racisim brings out the best during the holidays :slight_smile:

Go away wecams! Me not want!


That is a very scary picture…good thing a leash is there…

[QUOTE=xupthree60, post:574, topic:203990]
lets see riding an american 'MADE" bike to work vs driving an american v8 made in mexico or canada.

Uh that’s a trail-a-bike arm not a fender.


Obviously not enough, I still haven’t been able to get myself the bag of crap

Nice play on the race card… I guess everyone that disagrees with Obama is a racist.

Another Woot killer. Anything good = 20 seconds. This crap has been up for 2 hours. Same with the DEE Lux knives and the electrocutor alarm clock. But night vision or an i-pod, you’d better be sitting there with the Woot Gods on your shoulder. I’m outta here.

UGH. Well, at least we’ll know ONE of the items we’re likely to find in our BOC’s…


We are well on our way to 1000 comments…

crap! feel like i been waiting AGES for my BOC…

Time for you to bust your Woot cherry and buy three.

Look, your opinion is your own and you’re not going to change anyone else’s, especially if you continue with your insulting remarks. This really isn’t the place to discuss politics. You can do that somewhere else. This is a place to post LOL cats, demand BOCs, and whine about products.

18 pages of comments = way too many webcams to get rid of. I’d buy 3 but I think it would be like a drop in the bucket. I just know they will throw a banjo of consternation at us when these are done and everybody is asleep at their desk