ClosetMaid Stackable 2 Drawer Organizer

ClosetMaid Stackable 2 Drawer Organizer

Deceptive photograph. Makes it look much larger than the measurements listed. I cry foul.


are you referring to the picture with four drawers? that’s two stacked together

Because it’s stackable? :open_mouth:

What makes it stackable? How do you make sure the top doesn’t slip off the bottom one?


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There’s usually a hole where you insert a dowel to connect them.

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I just want a laundry room that looks like that - ocean view and all :palm_tree:


I had these in my closet before. They were pretty good quality. I was happy with them.

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Sorry should have included a link. I saw it yesterday but can’t find it today
Season 3 Wall GIF by The Simpsons

No, 1 of the two is depicted larger than the measurements of one. Go ahead and buy one and see how tiny it is.

It’s 24 inches wide and just under 16 inches tall. It looks pretty reasonably scaled. The depth is only the size of a sheet of paper but you make it sound like the entire unit is the size of 1 sheet of printer paper.