Cobra 37-Mile Range Walkie-Talkies

Have owned various sets of Cobra and Midland radios, Cobra’s are pretty good. At least the rechargeable batteries don’t crap out requiring you to purchase another set or just use alkaline. But have been somewhat pleased with the the Cobras. Don’t have this model but the ones I do have say they have a 30+ mile range. So, in someones wildest dream, they made up the distance number. Unless you are on top of a mountain and talking DOWN to someone on flat land, you might get 20miles but I’ve NEVER EVER gotten more then 2 miles out of any FRS/GMRS radio set I own. Except for using MURS on those Baofeng radios, (and I did get a fcc license) and I’ve gotten 5 miles in a heavily wooded area plus the batteries last a long time. If you want something for a bug out bag, go Baofeng. You can listen to the weax but there is no alert. IF you spend time in a camp ground and don’t venture too far away, these cobra’s are nice. The floating option is nice if you spend time on the water too. (The Baofeng’s float like a rock BTW)

I can’t believe that the dimensions are correct for the unit. (11.22" x 7.68" x 2.2")?? I would be like carrying around a small text book.

A similar model is quite a bit smaller on the cobra website. 7.5"x2.4"1.5"

CXT1035 Model spec page

If you want to understand how radio range actually works, start by reading the Wikipedia page on Fresnel Zones. Range in an obstructed or urban area might be about 1/4 Mile. You can get 37 miles, but you have to chew coca leaves to operate the radio at that altitude.

Probably the dimensions of the box they come in.

Yeah, those didn’t seem right to me either. We did some research and updated the measurements with correct info.

Do They come with a battery charger?

Do all of the Baofeng radios float? Which one are you familiar with?


Float like a “ROCK.”

I think you missed the last word…

No, none of the baofeng that I’m aware of float at all…

Woot should really be responsible and inform buyers that the majority of the channels on this radio require a GMRS license to legally operate. Only FRS channels 8-14 are totally safe for an unlicensed (well, license by rule) user to use, as they are power limited to 500mW. Channels 1-7 may only be used without a license in low power mode. Channels 15-22 require a GMRS license in any power mode. Which means in addition to the highly inflated distance ratings for the GMRS channels (which for some reason on this radio transmit at 2W instead of the allowed 5W), you aren’t going to get nowhere near this range with 500mW on FRS.
If you are thinking about using these radios illegally, be warned. There are GMRS licensed users out there who don’t take kindly to unlicensed operation. And it will be quite easy to detect, as a license holder is required to transmit their callsign every 15 minutes, and those callsigns can be easily looked up. So if you really want to use this radio, and get the most out of it, get your license. Pay the FCC it’s vig of $70 and use these legally for 5 years, including every member of your family under your license. No test required. Don’t be a GMRS pirate.

As someone who is legally licensed for high power GMRS, I can say that ignorance is not an excuse. It’s not Amazon’s job to treat people like children and hold their hand.

Radio licensing is something that’s been out there in the public space for decades now. If you operate without a license and get fined, it’s your own fault.

Did you know that technically even CB users “need” a license to operate as well? Sure, you don’t have to apply for one, it’s assigned automatically as a “license by rule”, but technically a user still has to be licensed.

Again, not Amazon’s job to be everyone’s parent. It’s the user’s job to use the pair of eyes and the big beautiful brain that they were given to educate themselves about the product and how to properly/safely operate it.

Spot on. But to add that. The radio’s I menition can be used for MURS channels w/o a lic. It too follows the “licensed by rule”. They operate between the 151-154mhz range and allow more power to be used.

Taken from the FCC website: In 2010, the FCC proposed to remove the individual licensing requirement for GMRS and instead license GMRS “by rule” (meaning that an individual license would not be required to operate a GMRS radio). This proposal is still pending.

I have a lic’s to operate my Baofeng’s and I use them on the MURS. I have one radio that will xmit up to 8watts but MURS is restricted to 2watts so I have to “adjust” the radio. Even w/2watts, I still can talk to my house from work (3 miles) The thing with these radios one needs to remember is they will operate on a wide range of freq’s. VHF-Marine band for example and nice to have if you have a jet ski out on a lake and need to call the Coast Guard or for help. They are also designed to be used on HAM repeaters so you can get even more range (But you need a lic’s). GMRS also allows up to 5watt portable power allowance, base stations are the same.

But one note. If you get these for EMERGENCIES only, you are NOT required to have a license to operate but it is only during an emergency.

MURS info