Contixo F24 Pro 2.7K Quadcopter Drone

Contixo F24 Pro 2.7K Quadcopter Drone

Contixo F24 doesn’t seem to be held in high regard and all the youtube videos on it are clear shills.

I would look at this product if you’re looking for a high end $200 drone.

It’s a refurb but stacks very well against the dji mavic pro.

I feel a little screwed on this deal. I bought it, and it works decently well, but from the description and the associated Amazon listing that the reviews were pulled from, and the price, I was expecting this to come with a 2nd spare battery. It does not.

At the total savings of $25 over the Amazon listed model that comes with the second battery, this is a pretty bad woot deal, considering that the battery costs $60 by itself. I think I will keep the drone, as the trouble of sending it back is a little much.
Because of this poor deal, I will certainly make careful consideration before I buy anything else from woot.

Hi there. I only see that one battery was mentioned in our sale. The only reference to a second battery was that you could order one:


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Came here to say this as well. The amazon deal DID NOT include a second battery. The image they used had a drone with a battery installed and a battery in the pic. This image DOES NOT accurately reflect what you get from the amazon deal. This drone is amazing for 220$. Contact support and they will send you a link to an updated version of the control app that is not available on google play. The newer version fixed some wifi and map issues i was having. Again, this is a LOT of drone for 220$

The extra battery you guys thought you were getting was from a bait and switch the seller on Amazon tried to pull, and botched by leaving in a couple references to the included second battery. I picked this up a month or so back directly from them on a Lightning Deal and had to reach out to them to get my second battery when they changed the description after I ordered and only shipped me one battery. Luckily, Amazon archived the original listing in my order history, and they weren’t able to pull off their attempt to defraud me, but they probably succeeded with dozens of other buyers. Unfortunately, it seems that Woot copied the half-redacted product info directly from the Amazon listing and got caught in the crossfire.

That said, after playing with it a few times, it seems to work decently well, really, except that in order to turn off the motors to land it, you need to input a control stick combination that causes it to instantly flip sideways and crash into things. So you’re forced to use the auto-land feature instead.

Seems like a very well built machine. I have not been using it long, but I’m impressed with it so far. Would recommend for beginner to intermediate.

Why does this say Gimbal in the title when there’s clearly no Gimbal on the camera?
Nor is it mentioned anywhere else…

Does it come with a second battery or not?

1 battery.

  • 1x Preassembled Contixo F24 PRO RC Quadcopter Foldable Drone
  • 1x 3K 5GHz WiFi Camera
  • 1 x 7.4V 2800mAh Li-Po Battery
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 1 x Extra Set of Spare Propellers
  • 1 x Smartphone Holder
  • 1 x Screwdriver Tool Set
  • 1 x USB Cable and Balance Charger
  • 1 x User Manual

Mine arrived with one battery. That’s all I expected. I did notice with the documentation that there is a little card that explains: Give an unbiased review, send us the details and we’ll send you a free battery. So, if you’re inclined to give a review and get the manufacturer to acknowledge it, they’ll send you a free battery. Didn’t you guys get the same card?

Yes, the package does come with 1 battery (pre-assembled, in the qcopter), but it does not extend your flight time to 60 minutes as your description says. A second battery would extend the flight time to 60 minutes. The wording of the drone being “pre-assembled”, then a reference to the 1 battery extending flight time to 60 minutes is misleading. The text is: “comes with 1 battery, extends your flight time to 60 minutes” .
Also, the battery is 11.1v, not 7.4v.
Either way, the drone is nice. The camera servo can be a little finicky (won’t give full range of control sometimes). For $225, I can’t complain too much. It is still a great deal.

Point taken. I updated the wording a bit to make it clearer.

I am rookie-within 3 days I was semi pro…this drone for the $ is incredible…the picture quality is vivid and it is really easy to use. I’ve never flown A drone before in my life I was sending call cool vids the first day to friends and family

Maybe the best $250 I’ve ever spent!

Stay in beginner mode until you master it I nearly hit a power line by not listening to their advice

What Android app is used for Contixo f24 pro