Converse AllStar High Top Unisex Sneaker

Converse AllStar High Top Unisex Sneaker

What’s up with the size choices?? Please explain! Two whole sizes?

I see more than 2.


Chucks are unisex so one size is in women’s and the other is in men’s. There’s a size chart in the pictures.

I believe the M stands for men and the W for women instead of medium width and wide width. Which is confusing but width choice isn’t an option with these shoes.

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Yes thanks! I meant the size range. I got it now from post below!!! Thank you!

Ohhhhh! Thank you!!! I didn’t get that part lol. I thought it was a size RANGE! didn’t realize one was men and other was women. Thank you!!! :smiley::smiley:

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No problem. It was confusing to look at, but I love these shoes and I’ve gotten used to the dual sizes.

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Haha I remember these were 19.99 when I was growing up in the 70’s

And I bet you could buy a gallon of gas and milk for pocket change.

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$19.99 in the 70’s!!! You were getting ripped off!!! They were way cheaper than that back then! I don’t remember them getting quite that expensive until the mid-80’s or so…

Yea I thought maybe I was too high in price!! :joy:

Haha 9.99-14.99