Cooks Essentials Coffee Maker


ok 16$ I can do, now everyone else do their part, you need this for woots time schedule anyways


I waited 12 hours for this???

did my part…took 2.


[color=red:ecc287c67c][/color][size=24:ecc287c67c][/size:ecc287c67c]YES !!! Thank you WOOT !! I missed this one the first time around !!!


Nice, but doesnt make enough coffee for this household.


next on is a few min after this one sells out. and that will keep going as long as we see purple lights.


Made 1st page I think. I need a Cruisnart blender/processor as a gift. Love the one I bought on woot.


first page?


Damn, wanted a T-Rex!


I’m lovin’ this one! Upset I missed it before.

w00t! :lol:


Uh oh, lights are no longer flashing.

The coffee set rules BTW. If you are into srong coffee, it’s the way to go. Could be a little more hot though. I may just have to order three in case someone eventually wants somthing like this.




Finally. I’ve been waiting for one of these suckers since the last time woot sold em off.


I got this the last time and it works great, in case anybody was wondering.


Someone needs to refresh…


I’ll sell you mine! :smiley:



Maybe it was the twelve hours of waiting, but that’s pretty funny


Someone needs to refresh…[/quote]


unless i am just seeing things again


Missed earlier got 2, although I don’t need any but itz a good deal and good present :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:




This item has sold for as high as 24.95 on ebay andybody have any other pricing for it