Core Bamboo 8” Pepper Mill

I got a pair and am happy with them, however some people reported they got ones that were dinged up.

Interesting colors…

That would make a rather interesting conversation piece…

I thought that was something very different than what it actually is.

I love mine! Does an excellant job.

Whoever asked for core bamboo, they listened, now ask for a BoC please

Your peppermill?

Mine wasn’t dinged but did have a crack/flaw/join that ran the length of the mill. I contacted support and they graciously replaced it (without making me send back the first mill) and it also had a flaw, albeit a less noticeable one. YMMV.

ETA: Mine was also not as shiny as they appear in the photos - more of a matte finish.

I remember when these came across Woot the first time around. They came in a large variety of colors… but all the non-ridiculous colors were sold out by the time I checked. I wondered if there would be a few really strange colors left in the warehouse… here’s my answer.

I was actually hoping for cutting boards. But I guess you get what you ask for!

Hey, How about some Bacon Over Crunchy now?!?!? :slight_smile:

Thank you

Can you use them for Sea Salt as well as pepper I will buy another if so.

Alright, I don’t actually like any of the colors (and the only color left is magenta…ewww). But because they put Core Bamboo on I bought one. (I have no idea whether they were humoring me or if it was a total coincidence).

Now some Bacon Crunchy stuff that other person asked for.

And maybe some kick-butt cutting boards or other neat stuff? :slight_smile:

Strange colors? Banana??? (There’s always money in the banana stand…) ;->