Corelle Dinnerware

I’ve had my Corelle for years. Bought it elsewhere but it’s held up pretty well.

Oh hey, Shadow Iris looks kind of neat…

Good for families, they stack very compactly. I have a similar square set and the edges do chip a little through everyday use and dishwashing.

You really can’t beat Corelle. It’s very durable, lightweight, and stacks nicely in your cupboards. They are also way more likely to survive a bounce on the linoleum than stoneware.

One thing to note, Corelle can acquire rust stains if you leave it sitting on a rusty pan with water in the sink, or if it is against rusty metal in the dishwasher. If your water has a very high iron content, you might find your white plates acquire a gradual yellowing over many years of washing. These stains can usually be removed with cleanser.

Thanks for that handy tip!

I cannot believe the timing of this offer! I need new plates, and I was considering buying Corelle. I bought 2 sets of the Square Simple Lines. Thanks, w00t!

My husband bought the start of our Corelle dinner collection in an Air Force base exchange back around 1984 and we still have some of those pieces to this day.

Perfect for families. It is light, easy to stack and handle and microwave safe. It looks great and there are lots of extra coordinate pieces available either at outlets or via Ebay.
I only wish I could persuade my 80yr old mom to swap her heavy,easy to break stoneware for a set of these!

I got the Classic Cafe red sans the mugs on clearance at sprawlmart for $15 a set a couple of years ago. Since then, my sons have managed to break three of the small plates…I know. Might be the time to order another set and clear out the random mug cabinet at the same time.

I have the white set and loooove them. I have dropped several and never cracked a single one. When I first got two sets, a gift from my mom who is a long time Corelle lover, my husband and I threw one in the floor to test out the no-break theory. I am in for another set as my husband uses soooo many dishes! They even can be a supplement to my china as they are plain and pretty!

$27 at WalMart- more colors. Ship to store available.

Woot Plus deals are generally good deals in their own right but they’re not going to have the deep discounts that you’re used to seeing on the daily sales. This is due in part to the smaller quantities (i.e. no volume discounts). In some cases, the deal is improved if you take advantage of the $5 all day shipping.

I’ve only seen Corelle break once and I have no idea how it happened. I found it in my sink split right in two. Awesome stuff, I’ve had mine for years.

I have the old Shadow Iris traditional (round) set - and have had them since 1989. I believe I broke one bowl, but I have misplaced one or two of the pieces in a couple of moves. I would love the square set with the delicate yellow flowered pattern or the square version of the Shadow Iris (very classy look to that pattern). But, alas, I just cannot justify a new set of dishes … I have service for eight and it is only ME! :slight_smile:

You can say that again; it’s not even 8 a.m. and all patterns except one are sold out. I so would have gotten 2 of the cheaper sets for my daughter…

I don’t get it. These offers come out in the middle of the night and sold out by morning. So anything interesting is already gone by a decent hour.

I have the blue “cafe style” set. I love them-but managed to break one of the bowls. I negleted to used a potholder to get my individual chicken pot pie out of the microwave… and proceeded to burn my hands and break the bowl. When Corelle breaks, it goes EVERYWHERE. Just as a fair warning. But that’s only happened once, and I’ve had the set for about 4 years now.

Plus offers are usually posted around 9am Mon-Fri. They often have smaller quantities which is why we can’t offer them as our main daily sale. So remember, check back often.

I don’t mind the so-so prices, but I do mind the low quantity teasers. The only choices ever available are the f_ugly ones or crappy sizes.

Corelle is indeed awesome. I’ve managed to break one bowl – dropped it on tile and it burst into a million pieces – but that’s the only casualty in ten years of continuous use.

If you expected woot to be a fully stocked warehouse with all options, and all popular ones, you came to the wrong place. They’ve never claimed that, and you will be disappointed regularly.