CorkPops Legacy Wine Bottle Opener

Will this only open wine left to me by my grandpa?

What’s wrong with a good old-fashioned corkscrew and elbow grease, that’s what he’d say!

Damnit, not Cavedoni botte piccola.

Ah, so glad I went for the port at the last minute instead of waiting for this one. :slight_smile: pats self on back

CorkPops Legacy Wine Bottle Opener
$22.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 CorkPops Legacy Wine Bottle Opener + 2 refills


I had one ages ago and loved it. Is there a reason why people hate on these types of openers? I have been thinking of getting an electric opener because I have a hard time uncorking my favorite bottle with my wine key, but this seems like a great deal to me. Especially with the extra cartridges.

On Amazon it’s $19 to $21 plus postage.

Amazon reviews are mostly good, but it won’t open tight corks, some plastic ones, and Magnums, apparently! So, only for 750ml bottles, and perhaps smaller ones.

Refill cartridges currently $8 for two

Here’s a comparative review of openers, including this against the Metrokane Rabbit.
Interestingly it says Amazon price is $13, EDIT, ah thank you this might be a slightly different version, the original, not the legacy…
Still, it’s on Amazon for $21

This is some mighty odd looking balsamic vinegar…

Maybe it will be good to open it?

At this point I am glad I still have a backup bottle.

I think the $19 is a different model, but this is indeed slightly cheaper on Amazon…


Thank you for the heads up

I’ve just found a fire sale on the cartridges on another Amazon link… two for $3, but only 16 left!!! (or 10 in Hex;)
I believe they’re the same cartidges.

I have an older, uglier, model of this. I prefer a waiter style opener, so this gets rarely used, I’ve had mine for six or seven years. It generally works well, but like others my experience hasn’t been good with most artificial corks.

Very handy for opening several bottles quickly, I removed the corks and foil on 4 bottles in well under a minute this thanksgiving.

Do not recommend for use on screw tops.

I would be thrilled to see that balsamic vinegar everyone raves about make an appearance :slight_smile:

Be prepared. It’s pricey but very well-loved by the community.

Why the mid day rollout of a product, Woot? Is this a stealth woot-off or something?

It’s gift week. two items per day.

I’d like that balsamic too

An opener like this one was used as an murder weapon on an episode of Columbo.

“Murder under Glass”, air date 30 January 1978. Blowfish toxin is inserted into the needle of the CO2 wine opener, allowing the wine to be poisoned.

I have been using this very same opener for about a year. Works fine. I like it.

I open about 40 bottles or so with one gas canister. Makes a nice pop sound that attracts attention and comments and its not intended for screwtops.

Two small problems-
a) It will not uncork a wine bottle after it has been opened once. Dont know why.
b) If it is not carefully placed back in the storage case, the gas canister may get pressed against the rear wall of the storage case and discharge the gas canister.

Why would you want a bottle opener that needs refills. I just want my glass refilled.