CorningWare French White

My sister got me a set of these. They are impossible to clean back to white. Unless someone knows some magic trick – which I would love to hear. Even when I did not spray it first (spray burns on the edges) and did not cook anything with grease or tomatoes.

They cook just fine, and have the versatility to go in oven, microwave, and freezer – with adequate transition time. But don’t expect them to look good doing it.

hmmm. i see a website that mentions using denture cleaner. an interesting prospect. maybe worth a shot?

I have a set and they look great. I don’t spray them and they clean up easily.

yeah- same with previous poster- I’ve gotten mine clean with a little elbow grease, but not even a brillo pad. I know what you mean about the cooking spray on the sides, though. that does take work, but saves the bottoms. I love mine and would be buying more if not for the sig other’s scowly looks about my failure to understand storage-to-kitchen stuffs ratio.

I used to have trouble cleaning those too, until I tried with a stainless steel scrubbing pad :smiley:

Does anyone know the size of the Ramekins? I’ve tried to figure it out, but I would like to know for certain the size. The ramekins in the large set are 4 oz, but I don’t know if that’s the size for the set of 4. Help?

I just had to turn my laptop screen to an awkward angle to actually see it. White products on a white background do not post well.

Good question! They are 7 ounces. It’s been added to the sale now.

Try those magic eraser things. They work great on corningware.

These would make a great gift. Great for someone going away to college maybe in their first apartment or other housewarming gift.

These look just like the ones my mom gave me when I went away to school and that was um… 25 years ago. They are still in my kitchen and I use them often. Mine still look brand new but think I am going to add some of these to my sets (I have oval and round ones)

I haven’t had problems cleaning them. My issue is that these are very hard to hold with potholders once they are hot. They are heavy and I always feel like I am going to drop them when I pull them out of the oven.

yeah, i quite agree with u that this is ideal gifts for those who are ready to college, my Aunt sent me a set and i had used for 4 years. so mother and Aunt will not be so worried about me even far away from them

If you’re looking for something tasty to do with your ramekins, this recipe for little molten chocolate cakes is epically delicious and oh-so-easy:

I have French White and corning dishware and due to rust/calcium in well water I contacted the company. Their response was to remove stains with bar keepers friend. It does work, use sponge or cloth not scrubbie and use BKF sparingly to make paste. Don’t get it on your clothes!
Use nylon not metal tools with them as stainless makes marks which are easily removed.

I was thinking mini pot pies and mini fruit pies!