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I have an actual Model M, good luck with your pretenders. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anywise …
Red: 45g force, smooth, quiet
Brown: 45g force, tactile, quiet

Video A explains all eight colors, while video B shows how the “smooth,” “tactile,” and “clicky” mechanisms work and sound.

This is the old generation Corsair. There are some slight differences, mainly the texture of the keys. They’re super smooth on this one. Personally, I like the second gen keys, which is what I use now. When I bought one of these, it was defective. When you typed any key, it would randomly double the letters with one key stroke. I think it was just a fluke.

Great board though. RGB profiles on this are a ton of fun to play around with.

I bought one of these when they came up here a few weeks ago, and am loving it. If you get one, I recommend checking out Lewis Gerschwitz’s YouTube channel. He creates custom light / color themes for Corsair devices like this one. I’ve downloaded most of them, and they’re all great.

I wonder if they will have the same issue they got returned for. The LED back lights on corsair’s have been notorious for just up and dying after a few short weeks.
Linux distros do finally have the patch for the quirks for corsair’s keyboards, so that is no longer a negative, assuming you use a distro using software made in the past year or two.

I bought one of these with Brown switches last time around. The keys are nice, but I prefer the Red switches of my other Corsair K70. I expected the Brown switches to have a sort of positive detent, but they don’t-- they just feel scratchy to me.

This (RGB) keyboard lacks the extra USB port on the back that my other K70 (backlit red) has. I can’t figure out why this one comes with two USB plugs on the cable when one is all that is really needed to use it and program it.

I find programming the lighting arcane and over complicated. You can’t just do it at the keyboard, you must install their 80 MB utility to do this. The software is not intuitive at all to me, but I did get mine programmed with a nice shade of teal.

The one from Woot did not have a backlit spacebar, like pictured, it is textured and has no light. Mine from Woot has the “tramp stamp” logo as pictured.

No regrets, but a bit disappointed. The only advantage over my other K70 is the ability to change the back lighting to something other than red. I really miss the USB port, and wish there was any level of back light programming that did not require extra software.

As much as I love Corsair products I have/had 3 of their keyboards. While typing and feedback is excellent, their Keyboards all have major LED failure(look at reviews on newegg and amazon to get a good idea of failure rate including this RGB board). All boards I’ve owned have been RMA’d and now even the replacements have LED failures, all within a year of replacement. I CANNOT and DO NOT recommend these keyboards to anyone. To anyone who says they have this board and haven’t had any LEDS fail it’s either they are lying, don’t own the keyboard, or they haven’t owned the board very long.

I picked up the Cherry MX Red version of this keyboard last time around. Really enjoying it. Lighting customization is less than intuitive, but works great once you get it figured out.

Of note, the lighting controller in this model doesn’t seem to handle “high color” mode well. There’s bad flickering when I enable high color mode and enable a heartbeat fade-in-out animation. Turning off high color mode stops the problem.

USB 2.0 ports do not provide enough power to run the keyboard with lights, so the second plug allows you to use the keyboard with two USB 2.0 ports. The second plug is not necessary when the keyboard is plugged into a USB 3.0 port.

I would STAY AWAY. I bought their K-95 Vengeance. It lacked ESD shielding and LEDs dropped like flies.

So I have several keys no longer backlit. I returned the first keyboard (to the tune of $30 out of my own pocket thanks to their shipping/return policy.)

Got the second one and the exact same thing. CSR told me to just return it again for another one, but it would cost be another $30.

No thanks. Buyer beware. CORSAIR’s customer service will not take care of you.