Cosrx Advanced Snail Mucin Power Essence

Cosrx Advanced Snail Mucin Power Essence

Mmm. Just what I want on my wash cloth.

Who needs a wash cloth? Get ur snail mucin naturally! Apparently this is a thing some do in their search for pulchritude and eternal youth. If the snail is venomous, it’s possible the seeker does stop growing older.

But this is supposed to be a filtrate and nontoxic.

This may have been popularized by zombies.

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I must say, Snail Mucin is amazing! If you like more clear hydrating moisturizer vs what and creamy (yes, I said it) this absorbs great, similar to the hydrating but not sticky like in the parentheses.

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Women are brave. Most men I believe would be sqeamish at the thought about the source …and er, how it was collected. What alternatives exist that are almost as amazing?

A significant amount of people can improve their moisturizer by simply doing it right- you get more out of it if you apply it right after showering or to an otherwise damp face. I use my nose spray mister for misting my face with constantly because I have a skin condition which makes my skin regulate water poorly, too much and too little and all at the wrong times. And that’s that, once you go beyond this Step 1a of keeping your face wet, different products work better for different skin types. Eczema creams work great for me on my sensitive face where they are the only type of creams that really irritate my partner’s otherwise hearty, oily skin. There are a few more almost universals to watch out for- gimmicks essentially. It’s the same in hair care. You can get hair and face products with silicone in them which will work fabulously the first couple of times, they leave a very soft, slick finished feel. But over time they diminish in return because your skin doesn’t absorb the fillers well. Eventually you will clog up your pores with it and have buildup which you will have to do extra work to remove. According to one dermatologist I saw, most people have a year+ worth of removal to do by the time they reach middle age. He was right about me- I had had the same buildups in my face for twenty years which I thought were freckles and just bumps in my skin? Ya….I can thank all the extra time at home in 2020 for having a grown up face….

The fillers commonly used that trick people like this are silicon, the devil’s oil (coconut oil, I was bamboozled by this shit and the naturalistic fallacy bandwagon for almost ten years), any other comegenic oil (oils to use are olive oil, Tamanu oil, argan oil), and petro products like petrolateum (although this is the main ingredient of aquaphor which does help people with keratosis and other water retention problems as well as help heal self-injuries from picking or injuries from canker sores, because those heal fastest when they are kept wet constantly, and the aquaphor slicks over the wound making in/out impossible. Alcohol and alcohol derivatives I try and avoid too, they are put in cleansers and cleansing wipes and they again do show a dramatic clearing of dead skin around wounds and make pores release crap at first use, but they defeat their own purpose in that they injure healthy cells which your body is trying to grow to heal the wound/refresh your skin naturally. Yes it is good to remove the dead skin on top but soap works for that without killing your healthy new growth. This is also why people with eczema are advised not to use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on wounds, instead we use honey. V magic is my favorite brand. Eygptian magic is cheaper at Costco though. The only caveat to honey is that if you don’t dress the application properly, eg slap on a pure honey product and then go to bed like that, you will attract ants. Yes. I did that. Lol. They loved my sweet skin flake sandwiches so much that it trained them to raid my used panties in the laundry. I never saw that coming, just when I had finally gotten my dogs to stop doing it. So I imagine the snail mucin is probably good for my skin because oil based products are not the best for me. I use a layer of pure tamanu fresh out the shower and then avoid it from there forward. I’ve done some stupid stuff for beauty care but I can’t stomach the snail mucus. I got a face mask made of it for my best friend last xmas cause it was novel and fun, but I don’t think she’s used it either. It looks like the consistency or silicon, but I imagine it abosorbs much better.


Great post and practical teaching. Thank you for taking the time to share with us!

Many women will go through a period of excessively oily skin perimenopausally. A second phase of acne in case you missed having such. Then dryness.

For most of us, inevitably our skin repairs more slowly and moisturizing without blocking pores is needed.