Cow Tipping

Would be dangerous to tip that cow, it would totally roll out of control.

YAY COWS! But how are you supposed to know it’s cow tipping just from the image? I thought at first that it was ringing its bell for change.

I treasure these shirt.woot! loads + I laugh moments we have.

Boy, Colin is really milking the gag in this design.

So what is the proper amount to tip a cow?

If cows had the cognitive function to speak and make bets, many of them would be relatively rich, I reckon. Especially since cow tipping is impossible for one or two people.

I just wonder what cows would do with the money. Not much to splurge on when you feel too uncomfortable to buy yourself a fine, Italian leather bag…

Because the jar says TIPS on it.

Offensive shirt- animals, including cows, aren’t ours to be used as entertainment, experiments, or eating. I will be notifying the proper authorities to have this shirt removed: post haste!

Don’t tip her - looks like she’s only a heifer. File this image under “Stanchion Bait”

  • With love from WI

As a Wisconsin native, I feel almost obliged to buy this. :stuck_out_tongue:

To that guy who is the animal rights activist: you’re right we shouldn’t experiment and eat animals, we should do that to people instead. (Sarcasm)

To the rest of the world: this cow is awesome and reminds me of harvest moon.

I bought this shirt, and I love cows. All girls love cows, because they’re cute.

Trust me, I’m a doctor. And an engineer. And a jedi.

Grooooaannnnn. That one gave me a good wry smile. Well done, summary writer, well done.

-sigh- another shirt I would but can’t buy. My girlfriend loves cows and this design would have been perfect for her. I think this is my 10th or 11th shirt I’m not buying.

C’est la vie I suppose.

I believe I’ve located the reference to which Colin so elegantly and cleverly alludes.

Congratulations on the print, Colin! I honestly groaned when I saw it; nicely done. :slight_smile:

Typical Cows, always looking for a hoofout.

Get it? It’s like a handout, but cows dont have hands…nevermind.

Awwww, so cute. LOL

Am I the only one who thinks about the spherical cow when seeing this shirt?