Craftsman 19.2V Li-Ion Drill/Driver Kit

Craftsman 19.2V Li-Ion Drill/Driver Kit

I’ve had a very similar c3 drill for years. Perfectly good for the at home DIYER. Probably not robust enough for work place.

However, this line of tools has been discontinued so it will probably get increasingly difficult to to find replacement parts, most importantly batteries.

For this price, I would probably invest in a different brand. If it were $30-35 it might be worth it if you could find another genuine c3 battery for cheap.

I use my Ryobi 18v Li-Ion batteries in this drill with very little difficulty …back then Ryobi made this drill for Sears and they just moved the location of the top post on the battery so that the latches do not line up…I just use one of those cheap little elastic wrist bands slipped over the front of drill and battery to keep it from falling out. Just got two of the Ryobi 4ah batteries for $79 on sale at Home Depot. Reg. $99 each


These are great drills, have had mine for 5+ years under light use and no problems at all. Rugged and durable. not shown is the charger but I find I forget which way the battery slides down. which says a lot since it means I charge RARELY (holds charge well). highly recommend, this is something I would consider “buy-it-for-life”