Craig Digital Mini Tower with Bluetooth

I bought one of these from Amazon the last time Woot had them on a Woot Off. Decent Bluetooth pairing and good battery life, but the CR4190 DOES NOT HAVE AN SD SLOT, AND WILL NOT PLAY MP3S FROM ITS MICROSD PORT - it only uses the connector to charge the battery. I cannot understand how Woot and Amazon can continue misrepresenting this item after multiple customer complaints (not just me, but Amazon ratings). Maybe a Woot rep can physically open a box from the warehouse and verify that it isn’t a fluke with some customers are getting the wrong item?

Sorry about that. If you think you received the wrong item, please email with your order info. CS can check into things for you.

For $15 shipped, and considering return postage out of my pocket, I’ll just keep it as a portable Bluetooth speaker.

That said, could you check an actual item from stock, and correct the listing (if needed) for potential buyers in the future?

By the way, shouldn’t it be “speaker” instead of “mini tower spear”?

This is so unlike WOOT. I would give up, because I’ve already wasted far more time and words on this than I like, but there is a principle here. On impulse, using the WOOT app (nice, but I didn’t see how to get to the Comments), I bought the CR4190 just before the end of the year based on the description. The listing clearly says that the 4190 has a “USB/SD slot for audio playback.” These are features I wanted. Then the CR4190 came and it doesn’t have a USB or SD slot. I decided it wasn’t worth the effort/cash to return, but I wrote to WOOT CS requesting that they correct the listing. It hasn’t been taken down or corrected and I haven’t received a commitment that it will be. The listing is absolutely misleading. I didn’t get the wrong item. I got the CR4190, but it isn’t as described. This is so unlike them. Perhaps they are still in the throes of the holiday shopping mayhem with late purchases and returns? Or everyone is still on vacation? Maybe if I try again later? Message to WOOT: please correct the listing for the CR4190. For anyone else reading this - be aware that the listing is erroneous.