Creative Labs Bluetooth Wireless Headphones



anyone heard if these are any good or not?


woot wins again, lowest price $74.95


Lowest Froggle Price: 74.95. I could use these, but the savings isnt really that significant. Next woot!


HOLY WOW WOOT!!! These are really good! Even by a good brand! But too bad I don’t have any money in my checking account. :o(


i got suckered in to one of these before. They suck. Don’t sound good. the battery gets sucked up in about three minutes, doesn’t connect. Total waste of $


I’ve been in the market for a new pair of headphones (duct tape has its limits)…but wireless headphones always just seemed too gimmicky and expensive.


Very cool… too bad I already bought something today I don’t need !!!


i wonder if i can listen to bluetooth phone convos with this??? =P


One or 2 batteries needed? Not quite sure how to take this…


Maybe next time. Right before I have to get my hearing aide…:slight_smile:


haha…the description said “nocturnal emissions.” that made me giggle. nice woot…gotta get some of these some time…

now, if they can just make POWER over the air instead of all these damn power blocks and cords. that, would be woottastic.


I don’t have blue teeth…any more.

My kids want to go outside and play since the weather is so nice here today (stupid weather). If they put the robot kit up everybody POST VERY LOUDLY please so I can get me one.


If this came with a microphone I would buy it.


I used to own them, they worked well


Ok. What are all the references to:

Does it make toast?


Bring on Bride of Chucky?



hey can anyone tell me what came on like 4 hours before to now? i was taking a nap =/ staying up all night for woot-off is hard


Creative Labs Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
$59.99+ $5 shipping
1 Creative Labs Bluetooth Headset - CB2530



look at them not go…

these things are huge!

and no mic


THESE ARE GREAT! <why am i yelling?>

I would buy them but I already have 2 pairs from last time I bought 3 and I am waiting for my friends’ birthdays to roll around. Mine sound excellent.

Buy 3 and save on shipping!!