Creminelli Artisan Salami (6)

Creminelli Artisan Salami 6-Pack
$49.99 $89.99 44% off List Price
(2) Wild Boar Handcrafted Italian Salami, 5.5 oz
(2) Campania Handcrafted Italian Salami, 5.5 oz
(2) Whiskey Salami with High West Whiskey, 5.5 oz

Not touching this stuff again. Got some a while back from Woot and neither me nor my wife liked it at all. Tasted very “gamey”, it’s hard to describe really. Tried it straight up, with crackers and cheese, washed it down with booze, nothing made it taste good at all.

I’ve gotten these assortments several times. Up until the last batch I bought, they were always great compared to the supermarket brands like boarshead, Danielle(?), etc.

The last batch I got, seemed…old or something, dryer than before, they were disappointing, & nearly impossible to peel.

I see the price has gone up again too, at this point I’m out, no more for me.

I volunteer to lab rat the Thursday food items.

those photos look a bit…unflattering.

I liked some of the flavor of these, but it just wasnt worth it.

These are encased in some sort of super stinky mold thing which is used to dry/cure the salami…that is damn near impossible to remove. Each piece is extremely small per package, which made it even harder to remove the casing. The smell doesnt come off your hands for a long time.

If you get past all that, it was pretty decent tasting, but not worth it imo.

The Wild Boar is one of my favorites, and I’m sure I’ve had the Campania in a mixed set before, while the Whiskey is a new one for me. I rather like the stronger and distinct flavors of the Boar; not your generic salami.

Creminelli did change packaging some time ago, not sure why, and I’m not so much a fan of the ‘new and improved’ they now ship.

This is supposed to be on sale? Ha!
I’ll heed the reviews of the good people above me and take a hard pass.

I received the last pack that was on woot and was happy with it…really if you someone that seeks out specialty dried meats the casing and mold are common to you…if not then I can see it being tough to deal with.

I am doing my best to stay away from dried meats that list “Natural Flavorings” as an ingredient…that is just WAY too much leeway for me these days especially when natural flavors can be chemically derived.

Sorry to hear it wasn’t a good experience - sounds like there mold that helps to age the salami may have been too strong. When did you order your Creminelli Woot?

The natural casing can be hard to peel as it ages - when did you last order Creminelli on Woot? Sorry to hear it was difficult.

The increased price is due to the mix of Wild Boar and Whiskey. They’re two of our premium options and cost more to make but are still less expensive than what you would typically find on our site!

We have great images of each individually but not together since this is an exclusive assortment just for Woot!

Hey, sorry to hear it wasn’t amazing - it’s what we are always striving for. The mold is vital part of our process. It protects the meat and develops a lot of flavor.

Sometimes when it ages the natural casing - while great for aging - can be tricky to remove so we Cristiano, the artisan made a video on how to enjoy it best even when it’s a little dry.

The packaging was a huge change for us for sure! The shape and style makes it last longer beyond our curing cells, especially in the fridge. It’s a low oxygen environment that helps keep it as its prime longer.

It seems like a lot compared to most other salami you may come across. What you get though is family recipes (from as far back as the 1600s), all natural antibiotic free heritage pork, no synthetic nitrates, made by a master artisan. We think the folks at Woot have put together a good deal. Four piece of Wild Boar without shipping is about $60 on our site.

Can you elaborate on the “Natural Flavorings”

Happy to - it’s typically a proprietary blend of seasoning and some preserving ingredients that aren’t synthetic/industrial. So for us they extracts of rosemary and celery and other spices like juniper (salt and spices were the original preservatives in Italian food).

Producers sometimes keep it anonymous for recipe’s sake like us, others just list everything. But by law it cannot be anything anyone would consider sketchy (like chemical preservatives, MSG, etc). All of that has to be stated/listed outright for consumer safety and awareness.

Picked some Creminelli from Gelsons last week because a couple of fine wooters were coming over :slight_smile: really delicious and much easier to peal than I remember. You can’t go wrong with these imho.

If somebody has an extra piece of the Whiskey I’d love to snag it. Love High West’s stuff too. A pure Utah treat.