CRKT Pazoda Folding Knife

I bought one from woot just the other day. I don’t know much about knives, but I love it!

Where is this manufactured?

when this was sold during the original woot, some claimed China


I got this on the last woot and I do know a little about knives. The metal is 8Cr14MoV which is on the same level as AUS8 though maybe a little harder. It’s a decent balance of hardness and ease of sharpening.

I like it for its nontactical look though I wish it were a little lighter. Otherwise, for the price, you can’t miss.

Just bought one not long ago from Woot for $16.

I would be annoyed at the price dropping so much so soon after my purchase, but instead I’m taking it as an opportunity to pick up the other edge.

It’s a damn good EDC.

Thanks for the info!

I bought 3…a non-serrated for me and 2 serrated ones for the cars.

Always a good thing to have in a car for emergency use.

I just received the 3 that I bought from the last Woot and they are nice knives and a great deal. Great stocking stuffers or gifts.

I bought this last time too. It’s a good knife for the price. Some people have problem with where the clip is located (blade point down in your pocket). But I think for this knife it’s easier to do one hand open with point down :slight_smile:

I had a CRKT brand knife a few years back and the only reason I stopped carrying it was because the clip broke on it. I saw these in the store for $40 this last weekend. I just picked up one of each from Woot after seeing the in store price. Good quality knife if you ask me. Great for the price too.

I have heard good things about these knives as well and decided to give them a try myself this time. I am in for 3.

I just bought two of these the other day when it was on woot. I love that the mechanism to close it is super easy to work unlike some other knives and multi-tools I’ve used.

I don’t know much, but as a petite female, it’s a good size in my hand and my pocket. I’ve started carrying it every day. Fantastic deal.

Tried to buy one but no shipping to my zipcode in NYS.

Amazon has shipped me a knife before, wonder why Woot! wont?

Same for me…

Move to Texas.

In for one!

there is a shipping note under features which says a lot a NY state zipcodes not allowed. NY sucks - move.

Blame Michael Bloomberg…I hear the complaint NY sucks all of the time. I have a lot of friends in NY that cannot enjoy a few hobbies, only illegal in NY!