Cubefit TerraMat Standing Desk Mat



Cubefit TerraMat Standing Desk Mat


I wonder if there is any science to this.

My guess is some company had a surplus of raw materials and didn’t want to throw it out, so they said “let’s mold it into some bizarre shapes and try and sell it.”


i see yourself tripping over this thing more than it’ll help.


EXACTLY my thoughts, lol


Well if you read the description, you’d know it was a kickstarter by normal people. So there goes your theory, out the window.


For the standing desk weirdo who doesn’t quite look weird enough.


I guess I’m a weirdo. Bought one of these a few years back and love it for my standing desk. Need to buy another one because the one I have is wearing out.

I was very surprised at how good it feels to be able to stretch my feet and legs while at the desk - almost like a fidget spinner for my feet. The basic pad is pretty good - standard. It’s the weird stuff that I use.

Thanks, woot!


Yeah. I bet HR would contest worker’s compensation when you break your wrist falling.