Cuisinart 12-Piece Cookware Set

ummmm… they’ve sold 1 total?

That was me

I’ve got a similar set with glass lids I bought at Costco. I like metal lids better, but not enough to buy another set.

Mine are made well and work as expected.

Some reviews complain about some discoloration after a while.

I personally like my cookware to look as if I use it. Some people consider it to be part of the kitchen decor. Those people can use a little Barkeeper’s Friend to make them look nice and shiny.

I cook over gas, but I recently got and induction burner (with Bluetooth and a wireless temperature probe). The pieces I’ve tried work great with it.

February is the shortest month. So, technically, the day-to-price ratio is better than ever! Right? Isn’t that how math works?

That’s really comparing apples to stupid.

I just can’t pull the trigger on these. Seem to be a big mystery, and based on what I’ve found so far, don’t match anything sold currently (or ever?). Could be a totally different material and product than what everyone is comparing them to. Has anyone bought this exact set Cuisinart WMCS-12?