Cuisinart 16Pc Parisian Feast Dinnerware-Multi Color

Buyer beware! We just received our 2 new sets of dishes and they either have a manufacturer design flaw or are just ugly! While the shape, material and design are quite nice, the rims of the dishes and mugs look like they are dirty permanently. If you blow up the woot photo you can see it, especially on the white, but on the colors too. I have purchased quite a few great things through and I like them as a company. You can’t quite blame woot for deceptive advertising because it is in the photo, but I still feel tricked with this particular purchase.

Looks to me like that’s part of the design. Like an aged/instant patina look???

It is suppose to be that way. If you google the dinnerware you will see that this is part of the way the dishes are suppose to look.