Cuisinart 5.5 Qt. Cast Iron Casserole

**Item: **Cuisinart 5.5 Qt. Cast Iron Casserole
Price: $49.99
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Condition: New

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Three years ago I bought the seven-quart Dutch oven version of this (for less!). It’s still going strong. Last week I braised a pork shoulder in it that would have fit in this.

If I didn’t have that I’d get this.

Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at The O


Let’s check out the product page

I want one of these SO BADLY. Just can’t justify it right now.

whoaaaa buddy…what’s going on with all the “image missing” images? :o

Me too! Given that I live alone, though, it doesn’t make much sense. I also don’t have much of anywhere to store it.

83.36 over at Amazon

These stand up to the $275 Le Creusete casseroles for the normal person.

You store it in the oven :wink: It likes it there.

I am going to covet this one all day.

I’m in the same boat, I would be eating the same thing for a week but I do really want this.

I have owned the Cuisinart 7 qt. round enameled cast iron dutch oven, the 5.5 qts. big brother, for 3 years and can tell you, in my opinion, the quality is as good as LeCreuset. The 7 qt. LeCreuset at the time cost $279, I bought my Cuisinart for $75 at TJ Maxx. One of it’s main uses is for making “No-Knead” bread using America’s Test Kitchen’s outstanding recipe. The key to a thick crusty bread is to put my Cuisinart into a cold oven and bring the temp. to 500° before adding the dough (using a parchment paper sling to lower the dough into this insanely hot pot) and lowering the 450° for the remainder. However, bringing the temp up to 500° initially creates the steam needed to create the beautiful thick crust. ATK discovered steam is how professional bakery’s attain their great crust and duplicated it using the above mentioned process at home. My “No-Knead” bread is GREAT! A number of pots could handle 500° heat, but with most you had to replace their handles because their handles couldn’t. Of course, LeCreuset’s could out-of-the-box, but Cuisinart was one of the few others that could as well. Naturally, enameled cast iron pots like this are outstanding for browning meats for coq au Vin, stews, etc. I have hit my pots lid against my sink numerous times as well as hit the sides with my tri-ply clad pans many times. Result: Nada! (so far). The enameled interior is actually quite easy to clean with a short soak and a nylon “Dobie” pad. I’m actually happier with my Cuisinart than I’m sure I would have been trying to ‘baby’ an expensive LeCreuset. If you need a great quality vessel, you absolutely can’t go wrong with this one. Do I sound like I love it? Jeez, I need a life!

That’s good to know. I have 2 Le Creuset dutch ovens - 3 qt and 6 qt - and was wondering how Cuisinart (which is usually a reliable brand) compared.

I picked one of these up earlier this year and it is so nice, I don’t even mind that it is a space sucker. I use it as my favorite pot for stews and it caramelizes several pounds of lovely buttery translucent onions for soup or freezing with almost no attention from me.
After a summer of tomato sauces and a few kimchi stews, it has turned a bit orange-y inside, which is just what happens when you gasp let red food touch it. This is not a problem, since I purchased it to cook in, and not so I could gaze upon it’s pristine innards.

What a great buy. I bought a smaller pan at a garage sale about a year ago and fell in love with this pan. I want to slow replace all my pans with this brand. This sale is great!

I have three of these, a Le Creuset 7 quart that lives here, a JCP Cooks 5 quart that lives here, and a some other brand 7 quart that lives at my LDR boyfriend’s house. I love the 7 quart for making big roasts or big batches of soup or stew, but I cook in the 5 quart ALL THE TIME. All those frozen oven-bake dinners, fish, etc. A 5 quart is -perfect_ for one or two people. The 5 quart, a big jelly roll pan (like a deepish cookie sheet) and a large “chicken fryer” skillet are my three most-used cookware pieces. Just get it! I don’t need one, but I want another!! Plus I’m a Cuisinart addict.

If you don’t already have at least one enameled cast iron piece you need to buy this. The price is right, the size is right, and most of us are headed into serious dutch-oven food weather.

Weighs as much as a Buick but chips easily. Works well but why would such and industrial strength piece of cookware chip so easily ?

Great price on a great item. Now maybe my funny little honey will lay off my Lodge wear. She’s a sucker for red.In for one.

Just double checking, the lid can go in the oven? Most other cast irons seem to have plastic handles.

To all the loners, this is a great size! I never fill mine more than half way anyway, otherwise you get slopping when you stir. It’s enough to eat for a couple of days, and leaves room to freeze leftovers for later in the week. This is also a great size for cooking a whole chicken.

If internal discoloration turns you off, fill with water and bleach overnight. It goes back to brand new (until next use)

This is a great price for a great pan. It’s one of those that you don’t know how useful it is until you have it. These pans are my go to housewarming/graduation/divorce gifts. I usually get seconds at TJ Maxx for more than this price.