Cuisinart Cast Iron Cookware, Matte Snow- Your Choice

Cuisinart Cast Iron Cookware, Matte Snow- Your Choice

That casserole would be perfect for your no-knead quarantine bread.

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I have this exact chicken fryer purchased on here years ago. A VERY versatile pan, I use it for EVERYTHING. Clean-up is a breeze. Also, bought one for my brother. Great price for this BTW!!!


Sure but it’s so… ovalie. An oval is the devil’s sloppy circle playground.

Plus matte snow white would just get lost in all my… baking powder… in my kitchen or office.


Do’t buy these. Cuisinart is struggling to deal with price competition so what you might have bought ten years ago is not what you get today. Today, all enameled cheaply in China, you get items where the enamel WILL chip off no matter how lightly you treat them. That means the enameled dutch oven will be unusuable for many things and in both cases they’ll look like garage store finds before long.

Either spend less on less expensive ones or spring for the Le Creuset.


“Snow…Matt Snow…007” :smirk: :roll_eyes: :flushed: :cocktail: :gun:

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