Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Broiler

**Item: **Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Broiler
Price: $39.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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OK reviews (3.3 out of 5.0) over at amazon

I take some of the negative views with a grain of salt FWIW.

Take a look at some reviews from Overstock (Appears this is not refurbished vs what woot is selling)
More reviews from Best Buy


Found the manual for this in PDF form (including a lot of recipes) at:

I always look at the one star reviews for a product. just glancing over the ones for this toaster oven they seemed to raise some very valid concerns.
burning food for one. setting off smoke alarms.
5 star reviews are much more likely to be faked than the one star ones. and I don’t care why a person liked a product. why they disliked it I do care about.

I just bought one of these from Costco last month. It’s TERRIBLE. Bad, bad, bad buy. Do not get. I took it back and replaced it with the same model I had before, that was twice as much but 100 times better.

I tried to cook bacon in this oven, and after an HOUR of the bacon sitting in at 350 it was still raw. I had to pan fry it to finish it.

It wouldn’t cook tortilla chips either, they would never crisp up. The oven does not work.

If only it was white, I would be in for 2 at least :frowning:

Hopefully Costco let you return it?

Normally I tend to feel that refurbs are just that because they fixed the major problems they missed during manufacture. My luck with refurbs has been largely good. Sadly one of the exceptions was a 42" TV I bought here. It works but you have to get up and hold the remote 1’ way from the receiver to turn it on and change volume. Fortunately my husband is the one who uses it and it doesn’t bother him, he’s just glad to have a bigger TV from this century in the basement. I got the Square Trade warranty in case it acquires more issues.

It wasn’t factory reconditioned though, and this oven is much smaller to cart around if you need to get it repaired. Curious to see the followup comments on this one. Looking for something smaller myself.

I’ve got one of these and I don’t particularly love it. I agree with the criticism that it burns food. Just last week I was trying to roast some pumpkin seeds, and after about 5 minutes they were black and smoking. I then did the same thing with my normal oven and they were fine roasting for 40 minutes (as they should have been).

The oven itself also gets dangerously hot. You can’t keep anything touching it when it’s on, or that thing will melt.

With all that’s said, if you keep other stuff away from it when you’re using it, it works fine for toasting. But so does a $20 toaster. So yeah, I wouldn’t recommend.

FWIW- I got one of these as a gift a year ago and would give it a 4 out of 5. It does a great job toasting, unlike many toaster ovens, and you can fit in up to 6 pieces at once. It also has worked swell for cooking frozen tater tots, or chicken fingers. The only negatives are that the toast “button” is a dial and it is hard to see/read the markings, so you just turn it like you would a clock timer. Also, if you want to stop toasting or cooking and turn it off, it takes some force to move that dial to the off position. Also, though stainless looks great, it is not so easy to read w/my 53-year-old eyes, the settings on the various dials. It has a swell bottom tray, very easy to remove and dump out. Overall I would buy this again and think this is a good price.

It looks good, but doesn’t work. It is very inconsistent and mine always burns the edges of the toast. This is cheap, but a cheap turd is still a turd.

I bought one of these last December from a different site. In June after very little use, the front glass shattered when cooking a pie at 350 degrees. Of course there was no warranty recourse by then. Seemed like a good idea at the time…

Have the dial markings rubbed of as early reviews (on other sites) have complained?

Bought one because of the Cuisinart name and I assumed it’d be a quality unit.

Nope. It died within 6 months. I ended up buying a different brand for about 1/3 the price (even less than this offer) that’s stayed in service longer and better than this one did.

wow this baby is 18" deep!? thats a full 6" deeper than my Krups cibvection toaster… and at 12" tall its 2" taller. what the…?? maybe these are the shipping box dimensions. We got our convection over for $5 at a tag sale, like new condition but the digital everything is starting to go bad. this is tempting but reviews scare me

Years ago a girlfriend changed my life with a simple phrase.

Was it, “I’m dumping you?” or “I think I’m pregnant?” No.

Looking at an appliance, she asked, “Is it hard to clean?”

Go to any Goodwill store and look at donated toaster ovens. Any brand.


So, if you are COMMITTED to war against burned-on grease and oil, you’re ready for a new adventure.

Interestingly I own a vertical format toaster oven with two little windows and trays and quartz rods for heat. Works great and is not quite as hard to clean as some.

No brand name on it, but I suspect it comes from the same Chinese factory that makes stuff for Delonghi.

Anybody got one? I’d love a model #

Cuisinart is now often a name slapped on the same products found elsewhere for less.