Cuisinart Cookware

Edit: the core metal is ALUMINUM. See image URL below, so this won’t work for me. Nuts.

What is the base metal in these pans? Wondering if it’s stainless steel or aluminum, because the later (aluminum) will not work on my induction stove.

We bought a box set of what appears to be the same series the last time they were on woot.

They have held up fantastically. I tend to baby them a little, but they were easily worth the price. The prices here seem reasonable.

People had worried about the metal handles during that woot, but the only time I have had a handle get hot is a lid handle when simmering.

What’s the model number on the 3 qt saucepan?

Yo Bot :slight_smile: coupla questions here…

They look like the Cuisinart French Classic line.

The saucepan appears to be this:

I have a full 12 piece set and just bought the frying pan alone for 70 last month on Amazon to complete the set. Amazing pans, fabulous weight, on par with all-clad in my opinion.

If you go to this Cuisinart page and scroll down to the one you’re interested in, it says what stove tops it will work with.