Cuisinart Cool Grey Cast Iron - Pick Size

Cuisinart Cool Grey Cast Iron - Pick Size

I purchased this 5.5 qt. dutch oven in red the last time it was offered and am extremely happy with it. All the benefits of cast iron with all the ease of enamel coating. Unlike my regular cast iron cookware, I don’t have to worry about the seasoning/coating if I simmer something that is acidic (such as anything with a tomato base) and clean-up is a breeze. The 5.5 qt. is slightly lower and wider than I anticipated but that is perfect for when my wife is preparing lasagna noodles. It is perfect if you are cooking for 2-4 people. So far we have had no issues with chipping or scratching, and contrary to popular believe it works exceeding well on our glass-top stove. Highly recommended.


Red paint has chipped on mine over the five years I have had it. Don’t give a damn. Still love it

Are they easy to clean?

Enamel is easier to clean and tougher than any traditional non-stick coating used on pans. It is basically a colored glass coating. You can use any ordinary dish soap and nearly any type of scrubber. If it gets stained, you can put some salt and ice cubes inside it and swirl it around to bring it back to the original color. To avoid chipping, don’t knock any utensils on the upper edge of the pot or slam down the lid. When stored, it is best to place a dishtowel or something soft as a cushion between the pot and lid.