Cuisinart Stainless 12 Bottle Wine Cellar

Why isn’t this at wine.woot?

Isn’t a cellar something you can hide in if a tornado comes? I don’t think I’ll fit in here.

shouldn’t this be on wine.woot?

I don’t expect this to be a big celler.

will this work with my ipad?

Sweet, time to run home for work

If I didn’t already have two beer fridges I’d be all over this.

Hey Woot. I need pistachios.

Just saying.


Billy likes to drink soda

Why is the warranty for a Cuisinart product provided by Conair?

Whoa, those things are pretty pricey new:

“with whom you hang out.”

Or would it be “Out with whom you hang” so as not to dangle the preposition?

Hmph! This should be on Wine-Woot! You can’t even fit soda cans on those racks! >:O

For the same reason we got to look at shirts for OVER an hour… the WOOT crew are falling down on the job!

not the greatest reviews on Amazon

Is it compatible with my Mac?

Wine me, dine me $69.99 me!

Removable racks, so I guess 40s will fit in here.

I have this cooler at home and love it. Cost is double at Crate and Barrell. Best used to keep wine at a nice storage temperature. I would suggest not trying to keep the temp too cold.

69 buck chuck?