Cuisinart Stainless Steel 15-Bar Espresso Maker

another one???

Eih, the image didn’t work… boo

Should have been this one:

From FailBlog

Not 16 bar…


More Caffine. MMMMMMMMMM

Product: 1 Cuisinart EM-200FR Stainless Steel 15-Bar Espresso Maker
Condition: Refurbished
Price:$79.99 $5 shipping

with all these espresso and coffee makers you’d think woot was trying to prepare us for some marathon woot-off in the near future

All men should have to drink 5 cups of this a day, it should me a law!

As a certified coffee snob, this is what’s known as a “steam toy”. Please buy one so that we can move along.

will the espresso come out refurbed also?

Wow, that’s a high pressure coffee pot!

Wait. This woot-off has been going for four days now?

For those of us who aren’t “certified coffee snobs” (Thanks urban dictionary!)

Steam Toy

An entry level small appliance used to make “espresso.” Amongst the coffee enthusiast commnunity, steam-toys are considered junk and to not make tasty beverages. Steam toys lack the high pressure waterpump needed to make genuine espresso. What it produces is more like strong drip coffee. Common steam toys are manufactured by Krups, Mr. Coffee, Salton, Westinghouse, and Hamilton Beach.

I just upgraded from a Krups steam toy to a Rancillio Miss Silvia and now I’m making real espresso!

FWIW I love my Cuisinart espresso maker that’s like this, but only has stainless on the front. I’d buy this just to have the all-stainless version (to match the kitchen better)…but I’d get in trouble.

There’s a bar joke in here somewhere, but I just can’t put my finger on it.

Refurb…ewwwww. No telling what was previously espressoized in it!

…well, 3 days actually but who’s counting?

No extended warranty = little confidence.

This is a steam toy.

What do you need in a machine to move it out of the “steam toy” category? I admit I’m no expert on the art, but I thought that beyond a fine grind and the correct percolation time, the pressure was the key thing you needed to make a “true” expresso? 15 bar seems adequate. What else is there to it?