Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven

the ratings, size and weight are different here on woot! than on amazon, but the photos look the same . . .

any idea why??

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Renewed/Refurbished (4.1 out of 74 reviews)
New (4.5 out of 14k+ reviews)

Just to make it more fun, the new model, the renewed model on amazon and the one here all have different dimensions

That aside, I have one of these ovens and I love it enough that I’d consider marrying it if it were legal and not just… weird.


We have this air fryer toaster oven and it is awesome!
We use it on a daily basis.
My brother saw ours and then he and his wife bought 1.

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Clearly not that awesome if they are heading back to the shop for a tweak here and there. Two things I don’t buy that are referb’d. Hard drives and Toaster ANYTHING.

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You show two different configurations in the pictures. One with a silver handle and little knobs, and one with a black handle and larger knobs. Which one are you shipping? Heh, heh, I said knobs.

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Hi! Apologies for the confusion - it’s the silver handle.

So how much real estate does this unit need? It looks pretty unwieldy compared to some other. How’s the air fryer function? How’s cleaning?

the only thing stopping you would be consent laws.

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Agreed, all I see in that photo is it’s large surface footprint!

We’ve had one of these for about a year, but recently replaced it with a different air fryer/convection oven. Out of the box, the Cuisinart is a very pro-looking unit. It’s bulky, but fit under our cabinets in a corner section of our counter. We used it almost daily for a year, and it served us well. We used it more than our regular oven. But as time wore on, a number of cons made us upgrade:

  • It’s LOUD — the fan on any convection/fryer setting is obnoxiously loud and got louder as time wore on.
  • It runs ~50 degrees hotter than the temperature settings. You learn to work around it, but it’s problematic.
  • It smokes, a lot — I got in the habit of pulling the smoke alarm before using it, because it went off almost every time. Even with the windows open and the ceiling fan and hood fan running.
  • The controls are finicky — You can’t turn the timer off, can only let it run out. It would sometimes randomly shut off a minute before end of cook time. The four dial system is less intuitive than it should be.
  • While it starts looking great, after a year it looked pretty grubby. Even with a lot of cleaning, it just shows the usage inside and out.

It’s still a good unit, and I think we got our money’s worth out of it. But I wouldn’t (and didn’t) buy it again, and certainly wouldn’t buy it refurbed.



15.5 x 16 x 14 inches

Wow just one of those points would have put it in the garbage for me, especially the temperature difference and the smoking. You just saved me $100 and a lot of grief.


I love the comments in Woot, feel they’re much more trustworthy than mothership reviews


My sister’s family has one and loves it so we got the same model (TOA-60) from the mothership last year. We’ve used it several times and we’re not sure if ours is damaged or what but it definitely runs a lot hotter than the temperature setting. It also “recommends” to use the top rack for everything but the top rack has a “feature” where in order to insert or remove the tray you have to tip it at up to a 15-30 degree angle to get it in/out which is annoying when putting a cold tray in but downright dangerous when taking a hot tray out. None of the accessories (basket, tray, wire rack, etc.) are dishwasher safe (manual specifically says do not put them in the dishwasher). The footprint is big (about the size of a standard microwave) and while it does fit on the counter under cabinets it has to be pulled out so nothing is above it before using it.

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How does this compare to the ninja?

I just double checked and we got the TOA-60 in July 2019 because it was smaller than the toaster oven we had and it was only a few inches bigger than the 4 slice toaster I was about to buy.
It fits under our top cabinets.
We leave it under the cabinet when we use it.
Using the 4 dials is not intuitive but we got used to it.
You can manually turn the timer dials to off.
I used easy off oven cleaner to clean it.