Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket

Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket

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Weighted blanket… is that like the South Park “Duck & Cover” episode?


PS. Sorry about the JIFF (pronounced GIF)

These really do provide a sounder night’s sleep vs. regular covers – but TRUST ME ON THIS – you do NOT want a 25 or 30 pound cover. I made the mistake of buying a 25 pound one last winter and it’s so heavy on the body that I literally cannot move in the bed once it’s on me. Get something lighter. I’d recommend under 20 pounds


Question: do the duvet cover have ties to attached to potential loops on the blanket?

ETA: found the answer within reviews (yes, loops and ties), but that brought up another question. The top review shown discusses how there’s a newer, better version she was sent by mfgr after not liking the first.

So…is woot selling us the older version or newer, current Amazon, version?

Plus, it seems hard to discern and give weight to all those reviews now if there are potentially two versions within same listing.


Yeah I kinda wondered about that. I have a couple 10lb hand barbells and just one of them on me feels pretty heavy, I can’t imagine how 3 of them would feel resting on my body, On the plus side, good luck to your spouse stealing the covers at night if you get the heaviest one.

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Sarah you don’t think they’d try and pull the Woot over our eyes do you?

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I don’t have one of these. I do have a massive blanket hand-crocheted from heavy cotton yarn, weighs about 20lbs in queen size. Remember, a lot of the weight isn’t actually on your body, so it’s not as heavy as you think, and it’s evenly distributed. I sleep much better with it.

If my wife wasn’t handy with a crochet hook (and willing to humor me, she has named that blanket “the smasher” and tends to push it all on my side of the bed), I’d be in.

We bought one of these for my wife. She used it a few nights, but even with the summer cover it was still too warm. She figures it will be perfect when winter gets here. And it is heavy, and really does feel like you are pinned down.