Dell 13.3" Latitude 3340 Intel i3 Notebook

Dell 13.3" Latitude 3340 Intel i3 Notebook

Hey Woot people, who “refurbished” these?
If it’s the ones that put sticky contact-glue vinyl on all surfaces, I’m out. I think the original meaning of “furbish” is like “polish” where they clean and shine things up. And obviously on a computer, fixing what’s broke. Putting plastic stickers on everything is just the stupidest idea I’ve ever seen.

CPU spec.

OK I bought. Woot people, I really want to be happy with this. If it is same refurbisher that just puts dollar-store contact-sticker-vinyl on all surfaces, I really will have to return. Please don’t use that refurber again, or at least ask them WtF?

I don’t know the refurbisher or if it’s the same. I don’t have access that information.

FWIW, using stickers on the surfaces is pretty standard in refurbishing. It’ not just one of our vendors.

But, as you say, if you’re unhappy, from a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Short notice, but I was looking at getting one of these for my wife. How does the refurb job look? Do these look good or should I look for another PC?

Thank you!

If you’re wondering if it’ll look as if it’s brand new, I would say no. These are typically business lease returns; functionally up to spec, but there will be signs of use.

FYI: We got this for our teenage kid and once they opened it the battery was bad and Woot refunded enough $$ to replace the battery, it’s now not quite three months into using it and the power adaptor seems to be not working. The specs and functionality of the machine have been fine, but the other parts seem to be not quite up to standard.

Hi there. You have a one year warranty:

1 Year Advanced Skyline Technology

Make sure you reach out to them for help with that adapter.