Dell 7060 Micro i5 32GB 256GB Desktop

Dell 7060 Micro i5 32GB 256GB Desktop

There’s a good review of the Optiplex 7060 with different specs here.

The “in the box” section in this deal doesn’t mention a power adapter, so it may not come with one. The review notes that it’s necessary for the 65W version, which this is, to be provisioned with the 130W supply. The 90W supply (used with the 35W CPU version) won’t cut it, because of the power supplied to various ports, etc. Curiously, there’s no picture of the back; this may mean there’s a range of these they’re shipping out. But it should still have antenna headers on the back for an optional wifi module.

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Power cord/adapter is included.

We use stock photos. Sometimes there’s not a photo of the back or one that matches our specs.

Per our specs:

Wireless: None


Mine arrived today. It started off having flickering DisplayPort output and the BIOS posted rather slowly compared to most Dells.

According to the Dell service tag, it originally shipped with a 90W power supply. The i5-8500t is apparently a really slow processor.

Actually it isn’t - it’s slow because it’s throttling back the CPU to 800Mhz to meet the 65W power supply. Once I reset the BIOS to factory defaults, it posted with the common Dell notice about an undersized power supply.

Alert! You have attached an undersized 65W power adapter to your system, which is less than the recommended 90W power adapter. The system will adjust the performance to match the power available. Use a Dell 90W (or greater) adapter for peak system performance.

Fortunately I had access to a 7050 with a 90W power supply and with that 90W power supply, it boosted right up to the 3.5 Ghz.

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