Dell 9020 23" Intel i7 1TB All-in-One PC

Dell 9020 23" Intel i7 1TB All-in-One PC

It’s missing the generation of i7 processor and I’d like to assume it won’t support Windows 11 judging by the search results showing reviews dating back to 2014


Its 4th gen, so yeah, not windows 11 compatible.


9020 = Haswell, aka 4th gen. Officially, it’s not compatible.

That said, there are ways to install it (at your own risk) if one chooses to.

I have W11 running on my 3020m.

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Can the RAM be upgraded to 16GB? I couldn’t find anywhere. Thanks.

even the 4th gen, dual core I7 could handle 16gb ram. But the problem here is that there isn’t any info about processor or ram type. For this price + ram upgrade, you could get a decent recent model pc.

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How would this be for an older woman who works for herself? No games, at worst she might edit a video for YouTube or make a flyer. She’s been wanting an AIO and I can’t convince her that a laptop would be better since she has client visits. Any tips appreciated!

I’m very disappointed with Woot/Amazon for what approaches, but doesn’t quite cross the border of predatory and dishonest behavior by omitting any mention of the generation of the processor on the item. Intentional omission is just as bad as a lie. The description screams "let the buyer beware- let’s sell a bunch of these to a whole population of buyers who are inexperienced and don’t understand what they are buying. I expect better from Amazon/Woot.


Fourth gen, huh? That old? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Does it run Windows 10? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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The latter is noted in the features.

  • 8GB DDR3 memory

As for omitting the processor, I looked for Dell’s own spec sheets and manual – those omit the information too, so for everyone suggesting this is disingenuous, it’s not Woot’s fault. FWIW, there’s only one 4th gen i7 that runs as 3.10GHz base, which is an i7-4770s.

For those who want to upgrade, the maximum memory supported is 16 GB via two DDR3L SO-DIMM slots. The hard drive could be a 3.5" or 2.5" with adapter bracket.

(Note that I am not staff. I just volunteer to help out on the forums.)


Features updated to list Intel Core i7-4770S

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There are still 2008-era Core2Duo machines running W10 Pro in operation here at my work. Equipping them with a SSD makes them feel snappy enough and they’re still more than capable for email and word processing.

Unfortunately, this one has a hard drive, not an SSD. I would also be concerned about the age of this computer. A fourth-gen processor makes it around 8 years old.

Based on what you said, I’d consider laptop w/ external monitor, keyboard, and mouse for working at home. With the external components it really isn’t much different than an AIO, but then you unplug everything and can hit the road.

I know. I still work on them. Can you guess my profession?! :rofl:


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