Dell Gaming Tower PC - Random Selection


Dell Gaming Tower PC - Random Selection

This processor is pretty old, yeah? No Windows 11 support?

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Not for the minimum processor. YMMV depending on what you get.

Best to assume no Win 11 though.

Should I tell my spouse you say it’s worth the gamble?

A processor released in 2011… um no… min price should be close to 150 if anything… and this certainly isn’t a “Gaming Tower”
You can go on FB and find a better deal for something that is 5yrs old vs this 11 year old one… with the possibility of something better… ha! No thanks



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Well you didn’t say it’s NOT worth a gamble.


Hush you.


I made an impulse buy last night. I’m a sucker for a mystery deal. I hope it’s an improvement over my AMD FX 6100 hexa-core processor. The hard drives are nearly identical to what I use now. I currently have Windows 7 Ultimate, and 8gb RAM. I’m hoping the computer I just purchased has at least a DVD writeable drive, and a decent monitor. I’d be willing to give up the included keyboard and mouse for a better monitor…or a better model for that matter. Thanks ThunderThighs! I remember when Woot was young, and you were there. We’ve come a long way in our Business/Customer relationship. :wink:

:eyes: to see what people received

from ebay:
i7 2600: $25
16gb of garbage ddr 3: $50
used rx550: $50
350w PSU: worthless
Dell case: worthless
Dell z77 motherboard(assuming that’s what it is): $10
128gb ssd: $10

I’m sorry why would anyone by this?

What about the 1TB drive and wifi chip?

Oh and windows 10 pro license

I hope you’re joking. refurbed 1TB drive I’d toss in the trash and would never use. The win10 pro you can get for 15 dollars and unless you use remote desktop server it’s pointless.

Lol, so you are saying you can buy all the parts except the primary hard drive and operating system. Not very comparable. Your eBay computer won’t even boot. That’s assuming that all those used parts are actually good. Good luck getting your money back if they’re not.

I put the boot drive in my costs. and I included the OS, not sure what you’re on about. You want to use a refurbed 1tb spindle drive, that’s been used for only the FBI knows what, you go ahead. So since you want to talked total system I just built

i7 4790k $70
16gb ddr3 $50
asus z87 gryphon MB $35
250gb ssd free from microcenter
thermaltake core v21 : brand new $70
evga 1000w g5: $50

so that’s $275 without GPU

throw in you rx550 for $50 and for less you built a SIGNIFICANTLY better system for less money. Tasty Bros bought one of these mystery machines from woot last time it was up if you want to see what “referb” quality is here.

BTW Ebay has money back guarantee and I use it all the time.

If you don’t want to build a system I respect that, but there are so many better prebuilts than this old dell crap for the money.

either way I hope you enjoy what you get. I’m just trying to make sure people know what they are buying. Woot has great deals, AND woot has BAD deals.

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True, but very seldom can people actually beat even their bad deals. They say it’s a bad deal, but can’t link to a better product for cheaper. You really tried, but I don’t know if shipping is included not to mention the time spent to build, install OS and drivers, and configure. More risks and hassle dealing with multiple different sellers.

That’s all assuming one can buy the correct parts and knows how to assemble a computer from parts. That can be very confusing for a novice and a lot of people wouldn’t be willing and/or able to do it.

If they can’t, then you have to add in money for labor unless you happen to know someone who can do it for free. Again, a lot of people don’t.

I put together my own computers and know what’s involved, in case you’re wondering.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

Well, I didn’t get the fancy new monitor that I promised myself that ThunderThighs would hook me up with (even though she made no promise or mention ;)). I was lucky enough to get the '90 version…just checked the original post. They’re all the '90 version…just checked the computer. It’s a 390. Not feeling the love here Woot! I didn’t want to have to play this card, but I own you! No, I’m not Jeff Bezos, but I do own a stock of Amazon, and I have voting power! :stuck_out_tongue: Next time I get random, I want better than the minimum! This time, maybe I can use my current PC to “Build Back Better”. What could go wrong?

Disclaimer: I am aware that owning 1 stock of Amazon or even 10,000 gives me no power over Amazon or Woot. I am further aware that it was not Woot, but the Vendor Woot partnered with who randomly selected the PC.