Dell Latitude 3189 11.6" Touch Laptop (S&D)

Dell Latitude 3189 11.6" Touch Laptop (S&D)

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All three Dell refurbs I got here & elsewhere have keys that go bad after a year of light use. They can be replaced. My Lenovos, similarly priced, have longer lasting keyboards.

BTW Endless OS [Linux] really perks these things up.



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These are essentially Chromebook-class hardware but running Windows. They are not supported for Windows 11 upgrades, so expect Microsoft to stop supporting the OS two years from now. Not a bad price for the hardware itself if you plan to run Linux/BSD/Chrome OS Flex on them, about equivalent to an old Thinkpad T420 on performance. Fine for a grab-n-go laptop you don’t care about or something to keep the kids occupied on a road trip, but not quite good enough as a daily driver.

Kids will be very vocal trying to use these when YouTube starts stuttering.

Unless Youtube has changed something in the past year, it shouldn’t have any issues. I had one of these up until a year ago as my bedside computer and almost exclusively watched Youtube on it without a hitch. The screen is 768p, so Youtube should default to 720p anyway, and the Intel HD graphics on the die supports 1080p60 and 1440p30 with zero dropped frames. It won’t do 4K but neither will the LCD so it’s moot.

Games are a different story, you won’t do much more than 2D platformers or retro emulation, but these are business PCs that weren’t designed for gaming anyway.

I just got mine today and Windows is saying it is not an active version and I cannot register it. Also Chrome is showing as being Managed by an Organization? Anyone else having issues with activating Windows on theirs?

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