Dell Latitude E7470 14" i5, 256GB Laptop (Open Box)

Dell Latitude E7470 14" i5, 256GB Laptop (Open Box)

Does this REALLY not have a mic or Webcam? Cause in the age of zoom, that’s a deal breaker for darn near everyone.

And is this a 4 cell battery or 5? It’s listed as one in specs and the other “in the box.”

Uh…from the specs:


The pictures do make it look like there’s a camera on there.

Gee thanks!

Yeah, I’m asking someone to confirm that’s accurate, cause you know, sometimes Woot makes mistakes…



It’s Saturday, all the buyers and venders are not where they can be contacted.

Sorry I tried to help.

Go look it up at the HP website.


This is a Dell…

See? this is why you should never listen to internet strangers.


Maybe you shouldn’t talk to internet strangers.

Oh, but your not a stranger.

We’ve met.

(silently slips out of the room and noiselessly closes the door before the internet stalker/serial killer murders me)


As always… I’m the exception to the rule I reckon, That right there would be a deal SEALER for people like me. What!? We do exist! I don’t care what the other voices in my head say!