Dell Wyse 5470 14" Thin Client Notebook

Dell Wyse 5470 14" Thin Client Notebook

Do I need another “slow” laptop to play with, solely because this has a FHD screen?

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:crystal_ball: Outlook good

It could double as a hand warmer.

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This is NOT a typical laptop. This thing’s sole purpose is a gateway to a cloud hosted application or virtual machine such as Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp or VMWare Horizon View/Air. It MAY have the means to connect to Amazon’s AWS desktop. I doubt it even has a browser so it’s not even like a ChromeBook.

No, this will not run outlook unless you have a VDI platform to run your VM from this lappy… silly wootbot. The ‘new outlook’ is very bad, boo microsoft for forcing o365 users to worse looking and under perferoming applications.

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if its like the previous ones, it wont even be a Thin Client OS; it will come with Windows and not even have enough space to update it; useless

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Step 1: buy parts to upgrade/replace the storage and RAM.

Step 2: open it up.

Step 3: something something.

Step 4:

Step 5: install Linux. Or was that supposed to be profit?

Okay, maybe that’s just what I’ll be doing with the one I purchased. Meow.

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I bought one of these last time they were around. Paid a little more for it, but not really sour about it.
I use mine everyday. Full disclosure, I did upgrade it some. I happened to have 8 gigs of appropriate ram lying about. That helps. I also installed a 240 gig m2. That’s got windows on it. It runs like a champ.
I did manage to squeeze a very light Xubuntu onto the internal SSD. That runs well too. There’s just not a lot of storage left over. Previous poster is correct. Windows 10 is shoehorned on there and there’s not room for anything else. First thing I did was converted over to Linux. Then I realized I had plenty of spare parts to do a decent upgrade. So if you’ve got the parts lying about for an upgrade, it’s a really nice little cheepy laptop.


I looked into the specs, I’m not pulling the trigger on this one - this time - but you’re right, it could make a really nice Linux laptop.

Playing with mine right meow. It too came with Windows.

  • W10P key is embedded in the BIOS, so it’s persistent through reinstallation. On the stock 16 GB eMMC drive, there’s 1.21 GB free. Installing a different OS or adding a drive and reinstalling is an absolute must.

  • The N4100 CPU is natively W11 supported – not that I’ll be running it.

  • The M.2 slot is for NVMe drives, albeit bandwidth limited. The CPU is PCIe 2.0 only, x2 lanes, about 800 MB/s max, so there’s no need for anything super fast here. My $12-ish 256 GB WD SN530 is overkill.

  • The screw insert spacing isn’t directly inline with the NVMe drive and I didn’t feel like looking for (and buying) the actual bracket. Instead, I used a piece of double-sided tape behind the SSD and a piece of cardboard to keep a in place. The screw used is a M2x0.4mm screw, 4mm long.

  • Memory is standard DDR4 SO-DIMM. Maximum speed on the CPU’s memory controller is 2400, so anything faster is overkill. It will take 8 GB sticks. I’m running mine mutt style, 8+4, for 12 GB total.

Unexpected niceties:

  • USB-C PD charging capable.
  • Backlit keyboard.

ETA: Turns out a W10P key wasn’t embedded in the BIOS afterall. Perhaps it was only on the 16GB eMMC install.

(Note that I am not staff. I just volunteer to help out on the forums.)


I believe that you’re supposed to snip the black wire in the top right of that picture.


Maybe this will help:

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Hi, did you test already the battery life per charge, how is the total remaining life? , how is the physical condition of the laptop, has any scratch? , the screen is full hd isnt ?

Haven’t delved deeper into the battery aspects, but physically, no scratches and mine still had the protective film on the edges. Yes, the screen is FHD.

It’s still a thin-client at heart, and straight out of the box, I feel it’s unusable. If you don’t mind tinkering, though (see my step 2 above), it’s a great deal.

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Anyone know if this can be flashed and install a linux OS on it? Looking for something cheap to use for cyber security classes.