Dell XPS 13-7390 4K Touch Notebook

Dell XPS 13-7390 4K Touch Notebook

Intel Core i7-1065G7
Call me when the 11th gen is available for this price.

w/o Case)

And/or Pen.

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It says Windows 10 PRO in the title, but 10 HOME in the specs. Which is it?

I’m voting for Home, since it’s mentioned twice and Pro is accidentally mentioned in the “size” not title.

It’s Windows 10 Home.

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Does anyone know the model number on this unit? Would like to check all the specs on it.

This is in the title: Dell XPS 13-7390

As to a particular model, ours could be an assortment. The units are brought up to the specs noted in our sale.

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This is a good deal. I purchased one of these refurb units from Dell about n year and a half back for about the same price - but half the ram and ssd (16gb/512G). Works well.