Delonghi 14.000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Bought the 14,000btu unit 2 years ago from woot. Works like a champ and love that it expels the condensation with the exhaust air. Only issue I had is the exhaust air tube does not have an air tight fit, which I fixed with some duct tape.

What type of outlet does it use? Is it the standard 15 amp or the higher amperage version?

I haven’t had good luck with Delonghi…the control panel of last Delonghi item that I owned melted. If I hadn’t been in the room at the time and smelled the melting plastic, I’m sure it would have been a disaster. A little research shows that this company has had problems with units catching fire and causing deaths.

In my case, I reported it to the company and they didn’t seem all that concerned until I mentioned that I also reported the incident to the CSPC…then they called me back and promised that they’d follow up. Since then, nothing.

I’m not sure what I’d get from a refurbished unit, but I’m certainly not going to give them any more of my money.

Note: My unit was NOT one of those that were manufactured in the '80s that caused many fires.

Chinese lack of quality control strikes again.

It’s tough to find a company that imports something they have slapped their name on and really support it with more than a blank stare when problems arise.

I suspect that there are remnants of the old soviet model where items were shipped unfinished or unadjusted and the seller had to do the last bit of work. That was the case of Zenit cameras in the UK. TO&E had to adjust every single one of them. In the USA, the importers did not quite understand the needed final procedure. A lot of US Zenits were pretty rough because of it.

I suspect if a US company actually checked these A/C units, they would double in price, but would work better and longer.

10.8 amps on a 120V line. So, basically about the same amount as a refrigerator with an ice maker and plugs into a standard outlet.

Anyone know how this will ship? I’m out of town during the first half of the shipping window and don’t want it sitting there. If it’s UPS they always take it to a checkpoint for me to pick up which is best.

Not positive but most likely FedEx.

Did anyone else receive the wrong unit? I received a model PAC AN140EKF, it’s the wifi model (without heat pump).

It was also severely damaged, shipped via fedex…

:frowning: :frowning:

If you haven’t done so yet, contact Customer Support for assistance.

I had the exact same issue. Wrong model and looked like it was just rolled out the back of the truck.

Initial customer service response wasn’t terribly helpful. The gave me a return shipping label but ignored the fact i told them the box was in tatters.

I would love to actually get the item I ordered and not have to haul this thing to UPS.

I ordered 2 units, and I also received the wrong model. I was willing to keep one of the units, but both came damaged. One wheel was broken off, and the other one’s drain plug broke off. The boxes were not that bad, so I was figuring the units were ok.

I contacted Customer Support, so hopefully they work it out.

Thank you for the photos. I’ve sent them to the buyer to send the vendor. They were asking for photos.