DeLonghi 700sqft Portable AC + Heat

DeLonghi 700sqft Portable AC + Heat

Do you have to have the hose in the window for the heat function?

According to the user manual linked in the description, yes.


8700 BTUs seems low to do “700 square feet.” Usually to do a room that large you need around 14k. Anyone know if this actually works that well (some new efficiency)?

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Two different measurements. 8,700 BTU DOE SACC and 14,000 BTU ASHRAE. 14k should be enough if it’s a rectangular room with no large south-facing windows or walls. Keep in mind this thing is loud.

This is a heat exchanger without separate indoor and outdoor components. It’s going to be about as helpful as running your freezer with the door open… where do you think the heat is going?


Does the unit require hookup through a window or can it work without that? thanks.

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It requires a window hose. Manual is linked in the features.


These portable AC units are fully enclosed. As long as it is properly vented externally using the included exhaust duct, it’s efficient. In simple terms AC units work by pulling in hot air from around them and removing the heat from it. The heat is then vented outside in this case.

Sure these aren’t as efficient as an external condenser unit, but they do work quite well when correctly vented. Much better than leaving your freezer door open at least.


We go through this conversation every time they appear…
Not everyone can use a window AC in their situation, or put in a mini-split.
This is an excellent price for this unit…
One thing people do not understand is the importance of one key addon…

BTW Do not buy this cover via Amazon, it is counterfeit…
Buy direct from DeLonghi

Bought mine via DeLonghi, and friends bought from that listing on Amazon and they were not even close to correct in form or function Amazon refunded money


It didn’t say what the refund policy was.

I haven’t returned any item from woot. And I’m concerned if its worth tge purchase if the item doesn’t work.

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Woot has been excellent for me in returns. there is a 90 day link on the listing and it takes you to a PDF that obviously has been copied a million times but you can make it out. As with these AC units ( I have 7 bought via Woot) unbox and test it right away.


Here’s a link to the policy.

We had an issue with one of these bought from woot. They sent the retun label, scheduled the pickup, and replaced with a good one. Very smooth. Yaw, not great the 1st 1 had issues but woot took care of it. Make sure to test it when u get it!

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Missed the last Toshiba deal. Glad I got in on this one.

Out of the window through the big hose.

I just received mine… it came without the air filter that it says it includes. Anyone else experience this? I contacted woot, and not sure what they’ll do for me.

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Check the top of the box. Mine was delivered upside-down by ups, it’s irritating but i found the hose when i turned it upright. it was left at the front porch upside-down the whole day. I am worried that will damage the ac, i plan to leave it upright 1 day before testing it out. Anyone know if that’ll do any long term damage? Should i return it.

It shouldn’t do any long term damage as long as you did not run it too soon after it was left upside down. Letting it sit right-side up for the day was the right call. Since these are portable they’re actually designed to be moved around a bit and all of the internal parts are very secure.