DeLonghi Ariete Conical Burr Electric Coffee Grinder

DeLonghi Ariete Conical Burr Electric Coffee Grinder

Are there any resources our reviews that anyone knows of that list the volume of coffee grinders? Mine sounds like a plane is crashing in my kitchen every time I grind beans and would love something quieter, but have never seen decibels listed anywhere for any grinders.

I’ve seen some comparisons like that, but didn’t see one with this grinder on it.

Searching for “noise” and “loud” and similar terms in the Amazon reviews return at least 4 that say that it’s not quiet, but it’s not as loud as other grinders. I think it’s safe to say that it’s decent, there’s no such thing as a quiet coffee grinder, so if they remark that it’s not bad that sounds good. I had the cheap cuisinart grinder and that was awful.

what I’d be more concerned with though is how bad the static is on that cup. even in the picture it looks pretty bad. that was the most annoying aspect of the cuisinart. but on the plus side, it’s round and not square like the cuisinart so you won’t have it clumping in the corners.

I’ve had this coffee grinder for maybe 2 years. I didn’t have a conical grinder before this so I can’t compare the noise level with any other conical. The noise is tolerable to me, not quiet but not overly loud. Mainly it doesn’t have the as much of the higher pitched noise our single serve blade grinder before that had.

As far as static I have had no issues with it. And I live in the desert where humidity if often below 10-20%. Sure a couple grains end up sticking for whatever reason but not like the static we had in a cheaper one.

We haven’t had any issues with ours so far and I’ve only truly taken it apart to clean the burrs once. No issues with grind quality, no issues with bean feeding. This is a good price.

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20% off? nobody is coming to woot for 20% off…





I bought this a while back to use in the office. It is loud.

I’m guessing it’s good as long as it’s not comical



I own this.

I’ve had maybe 7 coffee grinders over the years. Different brands. Can’t say any of them were quiet – even a $250 Barista grinder. I believe conical grinders by nature are noisy. But you’re not running it for that long – in fact you shouldnt because you can burn out the motor with long run times. I fill the hopper to the top and it takes three starts/stops to finish. That’s about 12 oz. of beans. Maybe 1.5 minutes of grinding.

So what do I think of this one? It’s decent and has lasted so far maybe 2.5 years. There is one down side that I have not experienced in other grinders – once you’re done, there is quite a bit of coffee grounds still in the machine! Like enough for a cup of coffee. It’s wasted. I have to hold the machine over the trash and tap it out. Happens every time. I think because the it’s not a straight downward direction for the grounds to come out.

If you look at the picture of the machine you can see that the grounds have to travel down vertically, then horizontally, then vertically again. I think some grounds are left in that horizontal part.

Left hand getting tired yet?