Demy Touchscreen Recipe Reader

Product Website

Amazon: bit over three stars, $199.95

Here’s the manual (click the link)

The review at Squidoo

compare with other devices

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Hmmm… why not just get a Kindle off amazon? Same price and I’m sure that will go further for reading recipes, just sayin…

Ummmmm…I could buy this or a kindle…hmmmmm…

$145 buys a lot of paper and printer ink… seems like a solution without a problem.

If it integrated with a kitchen scale and other appliances to automate them, it might be worth it. Also, it would help if it managed your pantry inventory, ordered groceries and planned meals. Otherwise, it’s a fancy recipe box.

It looks like Android. That would be fun to mod for something not as l[]ame as recipes. Too bad no wifi

Here are a couple of sites where you can download recipes:



There’s also good ole Amazon.

Except for the water resistant touch screen - that’s a danged expensive piece of hardware with pretty pictures. I’d rather buy an ElCheap ePad … at least I can ignore the recipe as I always do anyway, AND watch a movie!

Are they trying to compete with this app?

Alton Brown says not to allow uni-taskers into your kitchen… I think I’ll splurge for the iPad

Can this be jacked for other uses (ipad)

Sorry, I’ve got a NookColor on order, in the extremely unlikely event I need an electronic cookbook.

Anyone know about the internals of this thing? Is it worth getting to hack?

Quality post much? hmmm

Found a really interesting review.

or if it mixed drinks, stocked the shelves, and wasn’t an illegal immigrant.

Not compatible with Windows 7…another reason to be out!