Deneve Outdoor String Lights, 48 ft

Deneve Outdoor String Lights, 48 ft

It’s unclear if the bulbs are included. Anyone know?

One of the pics says BYOB, which in this case is bring your own bulbs; no bulbs included. :slightly_frowning_face:

One of the reviews says the bulbs ARE included (person was upset because they bought the bulbs too and it wasn’t needed)

It says they’re “very safe for using” so you know it’s high quality. Descriptions like that always instill confidence.

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One reviewer ordered 3 and only 2/3 had bulbs. :woman_shrugging: Would love some clarification. My neighbor and I are ready to pounce :grin:

From the descriptions:
“Commercial Grade UL Weatherproof Strand 48Ft 15pcs E26 Sockets”.

15 pieces would include the 48FT strand and 14 lights.

Lights would be 3 feet apart (too far apart).

The string lights 2 feet apart look better.

did NOT receive bulbs with my order and pretty annoyed about it. the description is totally deceiving. this is not a deal at all.

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