Denon DN-200AZB Amplifier w/ Bluetooth

Denon DN-200AZB Amplifier w/ Bluetooth

Wooo I got myself two of these! Time to start the new year off by pissing off all my neighbors! Cant hardly wait for them to get here!

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Just wanted to point out this is a mono amplifier. Yes, it accepts a stereo input, but the channels are combined into a single monaural output. Useful for outdoor or background music and other things, but probably not what you want for your main HiFi system.

Just to be clear, it is NOT a mono amp. It is stereo via the euroblock connector.

I bought this, and, while it does what it says, it seems a bit underpowered. I hooked it up to some older Altec Lansing 8ohm indoor/outdoor speakers I had, and it drove them OK to modest listening levels. I may try some 6ohm Yamahas to see if they are driven a bit better/a bit louder due to the lower impedance. Just don’t expect to rattle the neighbors’ windows.

The User guide is really vague… The output (to the speakers) is labeled: [COM - 4ohm - 70v - 100v] . With Speaker/Wire in mind, where do the left & right channel speaker wires go? 2 wires (one from each speaker) into the COM?, and then left channel wire goes where? and the right channel goes where? This question even stumped two tech reps at Denon Pro that I talked to. Thanks for any help.

One wire goes into the COM the other goes into the 4 ohm. this gives you 4 ohm. the 70V and the 100V port are for constant volt speaker systems. here is a good refrence.