Derby #55 (Derbylympics): Honorable Mentions


A big congratulations to all the HM winners! I’m especially glad that sokowa’s veggie hamburger will get another chance.

Also laughing a bit at zewkin’s black and white entry. I didn’t see it the first time through. :slight_smile:

lovin’ the edgar nod!!! woo hoo! grats to all!

Sweet, Thanks for the HM.

Yay! A scribble! Gets an HM!

yeah actually… I’m confused by that one.

Visit Guatemala! Here’s hoping it fairs better next time around!

Sweet! I wasn’t expecting an honorable mention. Thanks woot!

Congratulations to all the HMs. A couple surprises no doubt!

nice to see a few of my faves getting a nod! the veggie hamburger, buffalo wings, and kiyohime will have my votes at the next double-take derby! :slight_smile:

congrats to all, and enjoy your HMs

Here’s the Overlooked Awards – the shirts that didn’t get HMs but should have:

thanks a bunch for the HM!

Thanks for giving me a nod. And one to Civil War, that was my fave.

“These are good guys”

P.S. I just resubbed my rabbit so go vote on it. Plox?