Derby #55c: Derbylympics, 3rd Event - Freestyle


How many resubs are we going to see?

Looking forward to some crazy designs.

Wow - this is going to be interesting - good luck all.

Uh yeah. I think we need a no-resub rule or things are going to be out of control…

hopefully none as this is a free-for-all


I’m really surprised that they did not include a no-resub rule.

I think this will my first derby to skip.

Wow. I wish we could have had this one for a normal derby.

Well, there’s already a no direct resub rule. It’s up to them to enforce it within reason.

That said, good luck to everyone. Not sure if I’ll participate.

All we can do is have a personal decision to not vote for a re-sub. At least that will be my policy this go around.

What do you think??

Nice theme. If only I didn’t have a job that requires my attention :frowning: I imagine this will be Redo derby v.2.1.

Oh, and this is not a resub :slight_smile:

Isn’t this what you were working on for the black and white part of the derby? (Sorry, I wasn’t around for the voting or submissions so I don’t know if you entered it or not). I really like it then and like it now but if you did submit if for the black and white part, I think it might be better to submit a new design because this still has a chance for an HM even if it didn’t win.

Man…I have no idea what to do!

Nope, I opted to NOT submit it for any previous derby.

Therefore, this is a fair game shirt to vote on :slight_smile:

gaming reference, gaming reference, gaming reference. need something clever, retro, and awesome. thanks.

I wish there was a blanket “no resubs” for this derby.

otherwise, i’m really looking forward to the designs!

This was a shirt that i was going to submit once… but pulled it within minutes. So it’s not really a resub. Please toss a vote to the hungry chicken. thanks.