Derby entry comments for Derby #287: The '90s

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Celebrating the year 1996 and the birth of Pokemon. It was also the year my son was born. This design was his idea, he’s a huge Pokemon fan!

I thought I’d give this little guy one more shot. I’ve tweaked the colors to be a little more unisex, so vote with confidence!

One more shot? This is the third time I’ve seen this…

Please note that “Patronum” is Latin for “Protector”, and not a made up word from a fictional world.

Act now! This thing is going places!

Linux was first released 5 October 1991 and Braveheart in 1995. A real pleasure to make this collab with Walmazan. He is just great!! Hope you like it!:smiley:

Collab with my buddy Biticol.
Best 90’s rapper!

The internet has been around for awhile now. But the world wide web itself was developed in the 90’s, and for awhile everyone used to always talk about “surfin’ the web.” Thankfully people don’t say such ridiculous things any more.

Of course, this was before it was all cats. Then it was mostly poorly designed geocities pages and dancing hamsters. I’m not sure we’ve come all that far to tell you the truth.

Oh - and my 90’s references:

  1. Office Space (1999)
  2. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (pub. 1999)

Vanilla Ice in the hizzy!

Lemme tell you a lil story…about a boy uprooted from Philly only to become the King of 90’s California

haha, I was hoping someone would do this :slight_smile:

Spongebob Squarepants (1999)

Uh, I think so, but panties.woot doesn’t exist (yet).

Though they never directly stated just WHAT the 5th element was, if you followed the subtext, the answer was obvious.

Right, third time’s a charm!

Nice, but no royal blue this week.

In the 90’s so many awesome movies were filmed… I would like to make a design with all of them :smiley: But I came up with this idea about one of my favorite movies and I couldn’t help it!:smiley: